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Busy, busy, busy

Date:   10/15/2008 1:17:23 AM ( 13 y ago)

I ate way too much last night. I'd like to blame it on the puppy crisis or that PMS is creeping in, but that would be irresponsible. I'm back on track tonight. I feel good that one bad night won't ruin my week. That's the old me. I am considering trying a water fast, but my metabolism is so screwy from being hypothyroid that I'm scared I will do irreparable damage to my metabolism. I also heard low carb was good for my condition as hypos arent known to metabolize carbs very well. I guess we turn in straight into fat. I guess its a glycemic index thing I don't yet understand. But I will, for my quest for knowledge is great. I have been doing math homework for hours and hours. How can someone be so bad at Algebra? I will breeze through entire chapters and then one will come along that has me in tears. Really. I have a take home quiz that I'm sure I will score a solid C on, as usual. I also filled out the official employment application for Macy's in the various steps to pre employment they lay out for you to complete. Tomorrow is the interview. I have terrible anxiety, and with the exception of employment through family and friends, and the self employment hubby and I have mastered in the last 4 years, I have never held a job. I seem to freak and panic, then not show up. The interview always goes so well. No anxiety. Then the day before I start, I start vomiting and getting dizzy. My heart pounds out of my chest and I feel terrible. You'd think I would stop trying to get a job. I know that one day I will overcome this irritation. I must. I need this job. The handyman service we have barely keeps my husband busy, it cannot sustain the both of us. I also know that the pride and independence I will gain by being employed will help me so much. I will succeed this time. If I can make it through the first week at a job, I will have acheived a personal best. I wish the handyman service was doing better, I do tile installation and I am awesome. I fell into a tile job, but took to it so well. I will go back to this if business picks up. Hubby is in process of obtaining his contractors lic. so things should improve soon. I guess that is all for now. Bye.


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