Half-Day Fast - 143lbs (27 lbs to go) by apstan222 .....

Due to dinner commitments, only doing a half day fast...

Date:   10/16/2008 4:59:31 AM ( 13 y ago)

Start Weight: 10st 3.5lbs (143.5lbs)
Current Weight: 10st 3lbs (143lbs)
Goal Weight: 8st 4lbs (116lbs)

Difference = 1st 13lbs (27lbs)

11.00am You might wonder what is the point of doing a half-day fast. Well, I thought I would kick-start my system with having juice for breakfast and lunch, and then have a solid dinner. Truth be told I had a prior dinner engagement with someone and did not want to break it as we had been re-arranging for the last three months. So, I thought I would at least do part of the day and then break it in the evening.

I did a whole bunch of oranges with white grapefruit for my juice. This mixture is definitely one of my favourites - and full of vitamin c! I made about 1 litre worth. That should be okay.

I froze the juice in the freezer so that it would melt throughout the day today and would remain chilled - tastes great. The only problem with freezing it is that you have to wait for it to defrost, so I am sipping very small amounts right now. I have also brought along fresh lemon and honey for work.

Gross section - please skip to the next paragraph if offended easily.
BM's - have had one this morning, but this is my regular one I guess. Will see what effect it has on me later on or tomorrow. My urine is 2/3 clear, so that's good. I am going to the toilet every hour or so.

2.00pm So far I've probably had about 0.5 litres of juice. There was one point I was on a conference call and needed to get to the fridge to get my juice out as my stomach was really rumbling! Had to leave the call for a couple of seconds to fill my hunger! I have found that as long as I am taking regular sips of the juice (instead of downing it altogether) it helps my hunger.

So far I am not feeling so tired or anything like that yet. It's only been a couple of hours and I am due to break it at around 6pm this evening. So 4 hours to go! Obviously not a good idea to break a fast with a curry, but I will think of it as replacing two meals with juice and then having a not-so-proper dinner.

I was hoping to get some recipes from fellow curezone bloggers, but I guess there are so many blogs here that no one has time to respond.

I am looking forward to when I start fasting properly. I read by another blogger that you should call it juice feasting and not fasting, in turn taking out the potential negative. I am glad and grateful that I found this website as it is excellent for motivation. I will also be looking at youtube for videos of people that have done the fasts. Nothing better than visual testimonials!

4.00pm It's someone's birthday at the office today and they have brought in masses of cakes and krispy kremes. I am going to be alright, probably because I know I'm breaking this fast in two hours. My viewpoint is that the food will be there when I have finished. Also, why do I insist on putting things in my body that harm it? I am trying to think of it as if I put this in my body, it will make me ugly, therefore I am making myself ugly when I do not need to.

7.00pm I overdosed on so much curry it is madness! Will really need to cleanse myself after this!


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