Ok whatever I have is getting worse. by thisaintascene .....


Date:   10/24/2008 7:58:56 PM ( 13 y ago)

I now have a heavy cough as well as a sore throat. With all the other symptoms it's really looking like strep throat. Mono has been making appearances around here too. I am doing well as far as the Atkins thing, I did go over recommended carbs by having a double cheeseburger, but considering my illness and the stuff I would've eaten by now on my old way of eating, I am counting myself lucky.
On the marriage front, I think I've figured a few things out. Nothing anybody does is good enough for me. I will never be happy until I make myself happy. And I'm mental in more ways than one. I have to get treatment for my Borderline Personality Disorder. Because as things stand right now, I just want my marriage ended, but I know that isn't how I really feel.


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