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Date:   11/4/2008 12:16:59 PM ( 13 y ago)

so... i like to edit my blog throughout the day but my computer keeps kicking me off so i will just start a new message...

feeling a little hungry and tired. i think it is b/c i haven't had the water intake i should this morning- i have been in meetings and rushing here and there and not concentrating on my intake. i will be more diligent this afternoon. i am on my 3rd lemonade and have had about 20oz of water. i don't feel whoozy or sick to my stomach. basically- i feel like i do any other day, but maybe a little more hungry. tongue is white an frothy and i do have cramps but those are T.O.M. related.

no incidents after the SWF- thank god! i was so worried that i would leave the house and have an episode! i did have 2 loose BM's after th SWF- in case you missed the last post ( : i went to vote early this morning b/c i have to be @ work at 830am. i showed up at 720am and had to wait 1hr! amazing. with my kids in tow. that was fun.

i know i need to take this one day at a time but i will be so thrilled with myself if i can make it to 10days. i am a foodaholic. i crave food. i love pasta and carbs. i love cheese and dairy. i eat b/c i am hungry, bored, tired, depressed, happy or excited. i eat because. this is truly remarkable that i have even gotten 1/2 way through day 2. i am so pleased with myself. i want to be able to have control over this addiction. as another blogger stated and i have thought this for a long time myself: smokers quit smoking, drug addicts quit snorting (or insert intake of choice) but food addicts can't just quit eating. it is a hard thing to balance your life and food if you are an addict and overeater like myself. this cleanse is hopefully going to show me that i can take control of my addiction to food... i do not need it to pacify me emotionally. oh i hope that i can succeed!!!!

805pm still chugging along- got my hair done which was nice...picked up my boys from my aunts house, came home, made another lemonade and now sipping on my smooth move.
i have moments when i am completely overcome with the thoughts of food... it is all consuming but i have been strong and managed to persevere. i really don't feel weak, hungry or tired and pretty focused really- just the idea of munching on something makes my mouth salavate. i noticed more acutely today the food "triggers" such as stress. i had a few moments tonight when my kids were testing my patience and i IMMEDIATELY thought- i want to have a bagel with cream cheese. emotional triggers for food... back to that addiction theory. i don't think i am going to do the SWF tomorrow morning. even though the process was not as intrusive as i thought the idea of sucking down that concotion again pains me to think about. hopefully the smooth move will be enough.
i may do some yoga here soon... make sure my boys are tucked in snug as a bug in a rug... i am waiting for day 4- all of the blogs i read seem to really have GREAT days on day 4- then crisis for 5,6,7 and calm again till the end. maybe i will feel like extending the cleanse? one day at a time...


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