Day 1 - 143lbs (27lbs to go) by apstan222 .....

Day 1 of new fast - going quite well....

Date:   11/5/2008 4:14:38 PM ( 13 y ago)

Since my last post I have put on 0.5lbs, but that was a half-day fast and I had a massive curry-fest afterwards so that was kind of expected. So I have started my proper fast finally today, but it will most probably last for three days only. Tomorrow should be okay, hopefully Friday will be too. It's the weekends that will be hard as family around and also, have a lunch invite which I cannot get out of - how can I avoid eating then!!! That's okay, at least I am making a start.

Here's a rundown of today's events:

7.20am - woke up 20 mins earlier than usual to make fresh juice to take to work. Before I used to make the juice at night time and freeze for the next day but as it melted throughout the day it wasn't the same, so doing it fresh and just keeping it in the fridge at work was much better. I juiced 6 naval oranges and that filled just over 1/2 a litre. Did not have juice straight away, instead had a little bit of water to start the day as have 1.5hrs commute to work and do not want to need the toilet then!

9.30am - arrived at work and started sipping on my juice. Busy day today as boss is in. Decided to take a picture on my phone of myself of how I looked on Day 1. Those that want to know - usual BM in the morning.

1.30pm - lunch time - have been sipping juice all day and surprised that I am not as hungry as I was expecting. In fact, not at all. Suddenly aware that my mouth feels funny though. Looked at my tongue in the mirror and it was becoming slightly white-ish. Also, even I seem to realise that I have bad breath so it must be horrendous for those around me!

Went to supermarket to get fruits to juice for tomorrow. Bought more oranges. Was tempted to get the pineapple but think I'll do that at the weekend.

6.30pm - busy day, which has been good as have not had a chance to think about food. Starting to feel a little hungry now, so need to have more juice to control it. Again, avoiding having too much as do not want to use the toilet on the train for the commute home!

8pm - arrive at home and find that I am actually okay. Do not have any headaches or anything, although am tired a little. Weighed myself just now as did not have time in the morning. Am exactly 10st 3.2lbs (143.2lbs). Might have been more in the morning. So let's see what it says tomorrow morning.

Cooked a vegetable bhaji and then decided to go upstairs and do a couple of sit ups. I am proud that I have not had the urge to eat.

9pm - did 100 situps - impressive!

SUMMARY - juiced 6 naval oranges and have drunk water all day. Surprised that I am a) not hungry; and b) do not have a headache. Although, I seem to be feeling roughness on my skin and possible pimples - are the toxins coming out already?

Bit bad as I only juiced 6 naval oranges, but I am actually not hungry at all...let's see what happens tomorrow...


Day 1: 10st 3.2lbs (143.2lbs)


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