Day 1 by fruity .....

49 more days to go!

Date:   11/11/2008 7:52:35 PM ( 15 y ago)

SO I finally decided today will be a perfect day to start my fast! It's 11/11 so I made a wish to go on for 50 days instead of 40. It's 50 days until New Years Eve! yay! I am doing it with my best friend :) she's also doing it for 50 days.

I'm not going to write much just general info:

I had 2 juices today. 1)Orange juice and 2)carrot with apples, zucchini and strawberries. Both with green powder, since I can't drink greens for now. I'm too grossed out.. last time I juice fasted, one of the reasons why I broke it was because I couldn't stand the green juice..

I skin brushed, oil pulled and walked for an hour. In the rain :D but I did it haha

I experienced weakness a bit and sleepiness but not excessive hunger. I am ready for those 49 more days!! :D

Mentally I'm pumped, even though I know my goal weight and look overall is so far away..but I'll get there.

I might not post everyday but it doesn't mean I quit! Not this time!


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