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2009 New Year's Message from ArchAngel Ariel as transmitted through Isaac George.

Date:   1/16/2009 6:23:15 PM ( 12 y ago)

“Moment of Truth”

Archangel Ariel with
the Christ Presence

-through Isaac George

Dec. 31st, 2008 - Jan 1st, 2009

Greetings, Ariel here. How be you? Perhaps it would surprise you to know that you are ‘being’ far more than you think you are. After all, your mind would still like you to define your ‘being’ through and on what you are ‘doing.’ That way the mind has something to point to and say ‘see, I’ve achieved something today.’ Perhaps you have, and perhaps you have not. Either way, the mind is either exalted or diminished based on a set of arbitrary judgments conditioned by human experience, and neither are indicative of the vastness of your Being. So, as you read this, do not get too fired up about what you will ‘do’ with the information, or what may become of you in the year or years ahead.

We were going to present our perspectives for 2009 in the old format of the past, the annual State of the Planet address, but it is time to move on from all formats of the past, no matter how useful they may have been before. Therefore, what we present here is to replace the old patterns, for these are no longer effective or useful. This message would be best received as if it were coming from the inside of your own heart and mind, instead of attributing it to our name or any label you deem most worthy of the title ‘divine source.’ Simply put, we are all facets of one consciousness expressing and communicating, and it is not a stretch to imagine that the facet that is ‘me’ is also the facet that is ‘you.’ Play with that for a bit, and you will realize the futility of dividing anything in creation into categories and sticking labels on them. This process is merely for the purpose of experiencing embodiment (and this takes on many forms and occurs in many realms!) and bridging the seeming appearance of duality.

In the past, at public presentations we presented a joke that was two-edged. It went something like this:

“We have good news and we have bad news. Which would you like to hear first?”

After the group expressed their choice, we continued:

“Well, the bad news is that this is the end of the world, as you know it. The good news is this is the end of the world, as you have known it.”

Sometimes there was laughter, sometimes there were groans, and sometimes, some souls just did not get it at all!

The surface message is that your perception about good/bad is just that…perception. Having a point of view alters the meaning of anything. The underlying message is that you are entering an experience in which there is a collapsing of preferences and judgments. Succinctly, this is the all-encompassing perspective you call Truth, with a capital ‘T’. Since Truth is blind to differences, then it sees all things in the quantum flux, what physicists refer to as the ‘implicate and explicate’ orders of reality as non-differentiated, or without separation. However, within this fabric are infinite expressions of diversity. This diversity could be called the Eyes of Truth. This was a phrase in a popular New Age song some time ago, but it perfectly expresses the archetypal position of the Witness within each manifestation of the One as the Many. The Eyes of Truth are always upon you because those eyes are your eyes!!

Our transmission for this time is to remind you that you are here with a role to play, and a deep agenda within your Soul. Your moment of Truth is at hand, and the opportunities to express your sovereign individuation as Spirit and Human is fast approaching. Ready or not, here it comes!! What we mean by this is not that you are some important leader or savior, or that many will hang on your words or follow you. What it means is that circumstances, the end of the old way or old order of things, will compel each person to reach inside and discover courage, compassion, creativity, initiative, humor and resilience that you never imagined that you had. Above all, it will motivate you to speak the truth as your Eyes of Truth see it, without regard for the consequences. This is not to say that you are to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. This says that you are no longer available to sacrifice yourself to anything external, to any authority or circumstance. The days of victim or tyrant, Oneness or Separation, Divine or Human, Spiritual or Physical, Accumulation of Nature, etc., is coming to an end. The exalting of one over, or against, the other is how you have been kept in a state of war within yourself, and how wars are fomented within humanity. One is not exclusive to the other and the true origins and nature of this inner struggle is what the Eyes of Truth are revealing in the hearts of more and more of you across Planet Earth.

Let go of the need to identify only with the non-physical, because the physical is intimidating or difficult. Release your quest to improve or elevate your body or your circumstances to some imagined ‘perfection.’ Cease the endless effort to overcome your addictions and propensities with spiritual practices and rituals. These are manifestations of the lack you have been led to believe resides in you. If you wish to witness the moment of truth that is you, then you will only discover that through doing nothing, and accepting yourself as wholeness already. Love the wholeness of who you are, not in some future state, but now, where you already are. There is a value and a purpose to all of your facets, just as each individual is a precious and diversely unique expression of the One, or Implicate Creator. To label this part ‘bad’, and another part ‘good’, and attempt to reform the bad part by suppressing and controlling it, only feeds the engines of lack, greed, want and war in the collective experience. See your Soul Self through the Eyes of Truth, and you not find any place within you or without you that Consciousness is not!

The Moment of Truth is upon all of humanity. To accept your wholeness is to decline to participate in separation in any form. Belief in ‘success’ empowers it’s polar opposite ‘failure.’ Belief in the need for an external hero will always attract a villain (or the hero may turn into the villain!). The coming year will ask of you to release your co-dependent relationships with many different aspects of your social, political, financial and yes, even your spiritual beliefs and habits. What you thought you couldn’t get along without will prove to be quite dispensable. Indeed, the energetic influences of Consciousness will cut a path of destruction through much of what you would call the forms of stability and structure in the world. What you then discover is that these forms needed to dissolve, and you did not require them as much as you had believed.

The State of the Planet is that it is becoming Light. That state of humanity is that it is becoming slowly aware that darkness is also of the Light. This is the ultimate collapse of opposites. External authority and hierarchies can only exist in fragmented systems, therefore, those who are invested in the belief in and need for power are actively engaged with impeding the Eyes of Truth from operating in more people. This, however, is ultimately futile, for within it are sown the seeds of dis-integration. Even though, do not elevate one aspect of consciousness or physical experience as being more superior or right than another. This only adds to the suffering.

We are not in any way implying that everything in the human experience as it is right now is all love, light and perfection. That would be asking you to view things in the consciousness of denial. Indeed, much of what you have been reliant on for all of your life is now crumbling, revealing the corruption and decay behind the walls of what appeared to be beautiful edifices. The financial system, as it now stands, is a fraud. So, for that matter, are the political systems and the organized religions of the world. And yet, many are still so invested in these three manifestations of inverted values that they would both manipulate other human beings and coerce them to their will through burdensome laws, intimidation and punishment. The legal systems are a fraud due to the sheer volume of statutes and regulations imposed on the backs least able to afford ‘justice.’ There is no sane way to ensure conscious human behavior legislating it, and then demanding restitution through corporeal punishment. The very idea of security is now being stretched to the comedic through overt and covert means, though to make fun of it is not only ineffectual, but short-sighted. There never has been a time in the history of humankind on this planet when there has been the technological potential to order and control vast swaths of the population. The foundations for this control has been in operation for scores of years, through enforced education and mass media. It is through these mediums that the dis-integration of the economy is now being trumpeted by the elite, in order to create a more severe climate of fear and anxiety. Then, people who believe in the impeding chaos, only feed it more energy through their thoughts, and it is through the fear of loss that others will offer security and stability, both overt and covert, and the cost to individual sovereignty and freedom will be the price for that security.

The entire process of Ascension is designed to collapse the dichotomy, the paradox of attempting to live a life within a system of inverted values that is inherently against your true nature and universal values. Therefore, it is rather counter-productive to complain if you are suddenly compelled to reduce your standard of living, while you are yet so dependent on the ‘system’ as it now functions. The opportunity, the moment of truth for this new cycle you call 2009, is to courageously and calmly meet any challenge that arises as potential for discovering new levels of creativity, empowerment and peace within. Love must be the guide in all actions. Indeed, as a universal (or Soul) value, it is the most precious and most misunderstood. Love is not a verb; it is a state of being. Although it is the foundation of all that you perceive and all that is, for the time being, beyond your perception, it must be expressed to have any potential for changing the course of the future in the human experience. Ascension is coming to humanity, not humanity to Ascension. Consciousness, Spirit, is the Grand Initiator of the ’10,000 things’ as the Taoist expresses it, and lives at the core of all that was created by it and through it. Your science of quantum physics has not yet declared it, but its theorems are very close to the heart of the Moment of Truth that was expressed in the first chapter of the Gospel of John; “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was Life, and Life was the Light of Men. And the Light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.”

As this new cycle unfolds, we see that there are many, many new opportunities. Some of these opportunities will require you to create a new vocation or business that is more sustainable than working within the old job or career. Perhaps you will explore doing something that is closer to your heart than you possibly imagined. One thing is for sure, we strongly recommend that you do and express whatever it is that holds the balance for you! That balance includes what you want to be and do along with whatever is required to be and do to sustain yourself. If you must maintain your dream by going into debt for it, then you are not in alignment with your core values. Peace is not to be found in that direction. Instead, simplify your life while at the same time nurturing what brings you joy and doing that which sustains you. Yes, there is a certain amount of selfishness in that, and that is okay. The balance between sustaining self and sustaining others has been ignored in the accepted spiritual teachings of selflessness. Ignoring your needs while attempting to be solely in service humanity and the planet will compromise your effectiveness and your sanity. Intend and then command that which you feel is the desire of your Soul, and then ask for it to be manifested for you in accordance with the highest good (balance) for you and all concerned. More than this is not needed to experience Life to the fullest, and you are ultimately the author of your experiences according to your beliefs.

One of the greatest opportunities is to reconnect fully with Nature, and with your body. To be embodied fully is part of the energy of the New Year. Get even friendlier with this part of your Spirit. The body is not better or worse than your Spirit. Yes, it is a tool, a vehicle for the expression of consciousness, and it is God/Goddess also. Make no distinctions, and release the need to level judgments on those aspects of self that do not fit your images of ‘purity.’ Judgments are part and parcel of ego-mind, and therefore are dualistic. Heaven may be experienced in and through Nature and the body, and that is why both are sacred and holy temples already. They do not need any further sanctification or permission to be appreciated, enjoyed and loved. One of the biggest benefits of striking the balance of centering within your multi-dimensional awareness and also in your body at the same time is that there will be very little room for fear and doubt to live if you are occupying all the spaces!

Cooperation and community will replace the old authoritarian structures. You will naturally gravitate more and more to constellating small, semi-permeable communities. Within these experimental structures there will be a desire for more and more independence from utility grids and centralized agriculture, and more interdependence, creativity and sustainability with each other and the environment. Gradually, over the next few decades, a new type of conscious village or small hamlet will become the model for sustainability, at least until there are discovered new ways in which medium-sized metropolises can be modified or constructed that are non-polluting and offer a centralized location for education, the arts, low-impact commerce, and research. Cities will not disappear entirely, but will change drastically. Again, 2009 will see more acceleration towards this model, of which the first fruits will appear more solidly in twenty-five to forty years.

Capitalism will not be reformed. As has been indicated, old wine will burst new wineskins. Therefore, the new economic model, the one based in Spirit, will scarcely resemble free market trade, or even barter. Approximately one hundred years from now it will be self-evident that all resources and technological skill must be harnessed to eliminate need and want at all levels of the human life cycle. Accumulation will give way to complete sustenance without the need for jobs, toil and monetary systems. The human career will be about consciousness and creativity, coupled with inclusion into a larger network of inner and extra-terrestrial societies. Starvation and war, competition for gain and power, and hoarding or manipulation of resources and instruments of finance will be no more. Say goodbye to the stock markets and the unemployment office.

We are offer these moments of Truth in order to re-energize the vision your Spirit carries within you, to re-animate the possibilities and potentials that may be realized as experiences, if you will but dream them, and most importantly, CREATE them in your own life. Nothing imagined, nothing experienced! If it is not verifiable in your own application, how can it be offered to another? Does not creating a vision of how you would like to live heaven, here and now, influence and assist others? How can it not do that, if you know that there is but one Life and one Love? There is service indeed! And every time you see another layer of the fear-based control and authority that the world sells as God, and then realize that you no longer have to participate or acquiesce to it in any form, then that structure is weakened dramatically, and that too is a service to others!

The Moment of Truth is with you in every moment, in every breath you take, in every bite of food, every caress, every prayer, and every sunset, in everything there is. As you do it unto another, it is done to you…and as you do it for you, it is also done unto others. Balance is the way forward. The border between the past and future was crossed in 2008, the frontier breached. You are the pioneers, from the old Atlantean post-war baby boomers, to the Crystal and Indigo races incarnating now. We do not say trust to hope, for that only sets your awareness into some future time that is yet to be, and divides your life-force and consciousness when it is all needed here in this perfect Moment of Truth. The Eyes of Truth you are as well. See the truth, hear the truth, speak the truth, and be the truth of your free and sovereign being. Now is your time, children of the stars, the cosmos, and this fair planet Earth. Behold, I come, quickly, into the hearts of men and women, and say that the day of your liberation is arrived. Celebrate the Truth and be the witness of the changing of the ages.

It is already accomplished. Peace be with you all.

End Transmission

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