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I noticed something funny today, my tongue was white...

Date:   1/30/2009 12:08:04 AM ( 14 y ago)

1/29/09 - 6:52 a.m. It took me only a few minutes to down the SWF this morning and Iím not going to lie down in hopes that this will bring on the urge to go, unlike yesterday. How bizarre is it that I can say that this is my favorite part of the day, the drinking of salt water. It reminds me of the left over soup from a Cup O Noodles. Well here I am at the beginning of day 5 and I feel much better and more positive. This just proves that this is mostly mental, I canít say this enough, being in the right frame of mind is essential! Iím not hungry at all and Iím that much closer to reaching my goal. Itís been quite a long time since Iíve tackled something so difficult and Iím hoping that Iíll be able to use the motivation gained from this to tackle whatever my next challenge may be.

I was doing the math on my supplies yesterday, and Iím not sure if I have enough maple syrup. The instructions call for 64 oz of maple syrup but I think thatís based on 6 glasses. According to my math, and let me tell you figuring tablespoons and fluid ozís/how many ozís available is so much funÖreally I love math, if I continue to increase the number of lemonades I drink in a day Iím going to run out. This stuff is expensive, not to mention I wouldnít use it when Iím done with the cleanse. So Iíve decided to stick with 8 glasses per day, win-win.

9:35 p.m. Ė Iím sipping my tea and Iím another day closer to reaching my goal; Iíve reached the end of day 5. I had a much better day today, and there is no doubt in my mind that the despair and intense hunger that I felt yesterday was a combination of detox symptoms and the idea that I wasnít even half way through the cleanse. Proof of how powerful the mind really is. Well Iíve reached that half way point and I can start counting down. Before I started the cleanse, I was entertaining the idea of going beyond 10 days. At this point I think 10 days will be sufficient. Maybe on my next cleanse Iíll take it to 15 or 20 days but for now Iím going to stop at 10. My hunger was minimal today and I kept it at bay with 8 lemonades and plenty of water.

I did notice something a bit strange, a white coating on my tongue. In Glickmanís book he talks about the tongue turning white and even furry; Furry? When I read this I thought, Oh man I canít be around people with a furry tongue. Well I donít know if furry is exactly what it is but my tongue definitely had a white film on it, which in turn left a filmy taste in my mouth. Not bad just not good. Still now my mouth doesn't feel fresh but actually stale. Glickman suggests that drinking mint tea will freshen up your mouth, so I think Iíll pick some up tomorrow.

I wanted to mention one other thing that I both read about and experienced; Cold. Glickman responds to a blogger, who claims that she was really cold during the cleanse, by saying the lack of solid food and digestive movement lowers your metabolism causing you to feel cold. On day 2 I was so very cold. I kept asking everyone ďIs it cold in hereĒ and they all answered no. I was really cold for a couple of days but today, day 5, I feel pretty good.

Thatís another thing, I actually feel really good. I mean Iím hungry and I canít wait to start eating again, but besides the obvious, I feel good. By the way have I mentionedÖI HAVENíT HAD ANY FOOD IN 5 DAYS!!! How is that possible? Itís completely surreal. I could have never imagined, feeling this way after fasting for 5 days, wow! Iím feeling really positive about the rest of my journey and Iím actually looking forward to tomorrow.


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