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28 Day Medical Fast

Date:   2/3/2009 10:45:48 AM ( 14 y ago)

I'll be taking my last Augmentin pill for my sinus infection this evening. I want to make sure the medication is completely out of my digestive system before I begin the fast. Tomorrow I will have a normal breakfast of two scrambles, and some juice. The fast will officially begin at 2:00 PM. I'll kick it off with a liver cleanse to completely clear out the piping. It's basically a timed drinking of epsom salts and fresh juice, followed by olive oil and juice before bed. (I follow it strictly and it works wonders, I've done the liver cleanse before.) From then on out it's the real deal. I'll be reading about more creative way to make accectable juice meals, from potassium broths to bone soup.
I'll have to admit I'm pretty nervous, but I want to get better and that means I can't mess around. Any suggestions or comments are always appreciated. Be well.


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