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Day twoooo

Date:   2/9/2009 2:46:19 PM ( 14 y ago)

Alright so day one was pretty easy. Except the other day I made cookies, so they were calling my name from the kitchen. But I didn't cave :) I drank 6 water bottles and had to pee like crazy.

So I caved in and weighed myself. 138.6 gross! A few days ago I was 134. Whatever, its better than the 145 I thought I was. We'll just say my starting weight was 140, because it probably was. I'm hoping to be 135-134 by friday.

Today I planned on taking my dogs on a long walk but it's pouring outside. So maybe I'll just tidy the house instead. I guess there's not much to report since it's only day two. Once I get past day three, it'll be a lot easier. That's when the hunger kind of fades away and food isn't really tempting at all. For some reason every time I fast I like to watch the Food Network. I don't know why but I love to torture myself hah. Alright, I'll update more tomorrow!


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