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How to Supercharge Your Glutathione System

Date:   2/10/2009 9:18:30 AM ( 12 y ago)

the glutathione redox cycle is how your body recycles your glutathione so it can be used again and again. glutathione is your body's most powerful anti oxidant. when it comes into contact with a highly toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS), it charges up with a borrowed molecule of selenium and converts the ROS into harmless water.

at that point the glutathione has become oxidized and is no longer beneficial. however, the body can recycle it through the use of riboflavin (or vitamin B2). the riboflavin converts the oxidized glutathione back to fully active glutathione and now its ready to vanquish more evil ROS's!

dont be confused by the glutathione molecule at the top of the diagram below labeled 'reduced glutathione.' the scientific name for fully active glutathione is 'reduced glutathione' and has nothing to do with depressed levels of glutathione.

so in summary the basic building blocks of glutathione are L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine. cysteine and glutamic acid can both be found in a good amino acid supplement, while glycine is found in the supplements TMG or DMG (tri- and di- methylglycine).

then, in order to recycle your glutathione once its been utilized you need selenium and vitamin B2.

so if you get all those nutrients daily, you will have provided your body with all the basic building blocks to synthesize and utilize glutathione.

these substance significantly raise glutathione levels - turmeric, milk thistle, schisandra berry, vitamin C, and MSM. and of course the coffee enema is the king of raising glutathione levels.

so if you provide your body with the basic building blocks for glutathione, and then consume substances which raise your glutathione levels, then your glutathione system should be fully supercharged!


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