FAST- Day 5 3/20/09 by l1724 .....

Fast- Day 5 3/20/09

Date:   3/20/2009 11:36:16 PM ( 14 y ago)

3/20/09 Weight- 138.2
Today was okay. Interestingly enough, I weighed first thing in the morning (like always) and I weighed again a few hours later and was even a pound lower than this morning, though I doubt I'll be any less than that tomorrow morning. I still feel like I haven't cleaned out enough so I bought some bentonite clay cleanser and psyllium husks but they won't be here until later this week. In the meantime, though, I think I'll use a bottle of Magnesium Citrate (the stuff you drink when you are having a colonoscopy and you can't stomache the white stuff they give you) and get a jump start on things. It may do the job well enough to keep the other items for a later date. I'm probably pretty clean but one never knows. Felt fine all day- my hunger pangs are really infrequent now. Sure I see things I'd like to eat but I'm in the zone now- there's no turning back. Stomach rumbling and extreme leg fatigue after walking through Lowe's for 3 hours shopping. I'm tired now so I'll sign off. Tomorrow eve after work I'll drink the cleanser and let you all know the "results"! Good luck to you all and stay strong- tomorrow's another day.:)


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