Fast- DAY 11 3/26/09 by l1724 .....

Fast- DAY 12 3/26/09

Date:   3/26/2009 9:59:31 PM ( 14 y ago)

Weight- 132.6

Weight loss still slow and steady. Had a film on my tongue all day- gross! Had little energy today but 0 when I got home. It was 5:30 and I was reading a book after work when I got so tired I crawled in bed and didn't wake up til 9:30p. The poor family had to fend for themselves! I may drink a little juice tomorrow and try to get a little energy back. All I really want to do in the eve is lay down- terribly lazy feeling. Started spirulina and chlorella yesterday and have had tiny little bm's today at different points. I thought that was kinda odd. Anyway, I need the protein. Good day but have become more hungry than I would have thought after 12 days- hmmm.... Still keeping on. Good luck to us all! We can do it :)


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