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Benefits and symptoms of fasting

Date:   4/26/2009 5:35:15 PM ( 13 y ago)

I have finished day one of the water fasting. I pretty much slept through whole day because I went to bed late last night. Overall, I am feeling pretty good, I just have a headache. I do have the urge to eat but I am going to stay focused on my goal. I just cannot wait until I pass the 4-5 days mark. Usually fasting becomes a lot easier after those days.

I am just really excited about the fast and Its going to be summer soon and its the perfect weather to fast. There are so many benefits to fasting like:

-fresh breath
-weight loss
-helps cure many diseases and illness
-acts as an anti-age
-metal clarity
-energy boost
-healthy skin

The symptoms that I except when fasting are:
dizziness and blackout:
When you fast you should never get up too fast or do any sudden moves because it will cause dizziness. Always breath deeply few times before getting up. If you experience a black out or dizziness get down on your knees.

Mouth Cankers:
Mouth cankers are common when fasting because the body detox's from the skin, mouth and etc. If you do get cankers one of the best home remedy is salt(can be a bit painful). Just put some salt in warm water and gurgle the salt water in the mouth and spit it out.Doing the salt remedy few times will help relieve the cankers.

Bad breath and tongue coating:
Brushing the teeth and scarping the tongue will help minimize bad breath.

Feeling cold:
Everyone feels cold during a fast. Best thing to do is wear extra clothes.

Tension in the shoulders and neck due to toxins can cause headaches. By massaging the neck and shoulders will help relieve the headache.

Muscle tightness:
Due to toxins the muscles become tight and sore. Taking hot baths, stretching and light exercise will release the toxins.

Due to extreme cleansing, toxins are released and may cause nausea. Best thing to do is drink water when feeling nauseous.

Skin issues:
Some people might get pimples due to toxins. But after the fast is complete you will have a gorgeous healthy skin.

Tiredness and weakness:
This is very normal on a water fast, try not to move to much and take plenty of rest.


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