Day 1 by KleanJay .....

Day 1 of new 16-day UT fast

Date:   6/3/2009 8:19:00 PM ( 12 y ago)

I just wanted to inform everyone that I am starting my fast a little earlier than I originally planned; instead of starting on June 5 I opted to start today, JUNE 3. Anyway, I also decided to do 16 days of urine fasting instead of the originally intended 12 days. I am fully ready to take on this challenge.

I decided to run 3 miles this morning just to get my body into ketosis much earlier, and I'm paying for it because I feel very weak now. But the pain of today will reap great benefits tomorrow, so it is worth it. I plan on picking up some spiritual (non-religious) fasting books at the library to help me go through this ordeal. I've yet to have any urine because I am flushing out my body with only water. Tomorrow morning I will have my first urine on this fast. I can't wait... :)


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