Day #2 Juice Fast by milanjl .....

Day #2 has come to end

Date:   8/21/2009 10:34:11 PM ( 12 y ago)

Day #2 has come to end. The body feels good. I had several different types of juice, of course at different times. I try not to mix juice. I think mono juice is best for me. Mental clarity is great. Iím just waiting for the super energy to kick in. Tomorrow Iím going to a birthday party. I better take plenty of juice. Purchased some glass jars for preparations of making juice once per day. Juicing you must always be ready. You must be ready even when you go to the grocery store to get fruits and veggies. I try to juice whatever is on sale and wash them as best I can. The group seems to be doing well. We are all still on the fast and doing well. I have encouraged all to stay the course and drink a much juice as they want. Long live the Juice!!!!! Good Night


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