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Swine flu vaccine will contain squalene. How about a fatal squalene allergy? It is like being allergic to your own body!

Date:   8/24/2009 11:27:17 AM ( 14 y ago)

If you haven't figured it out that the swine flu vaccine is one to AVOID, read on.

The vaccine is being tested... for about 3 weeks. The vaccine that is being tested is not the same as the public will get in mass. The test vaccine does not contain squalene.

And what is squalene? It is the oil from sharks that will be used as a diluent and adjuvant.

Adjuvant means that by adding the squalene the vaccine manufacturer can stretch the bacteria to make many more shots. It takes substantially less of the bacteria to have the body have an immune response.

The squalene is also close enough to natural human oils in the body that it sets off the body for autoimmune disease. The body starts attacking itself thinking that the natural oils in the body are an invader. (Gulf War Syndrome)

We can eat squalene without a problem. Injecting it is not the same and is not safe.

The vaccine will also contain mercury. They will want us to have 2-3 shots of this junk.

If there does happen to be a serious epidemic from swine flu, it won't be from a natural process of disease being spread.

Don't be a sheep. The risk of dying or severe illness is worse if you get vaccinated.

All the other oils used in vaccines can cause serious allergies. Why would squalene be any different? It's not!


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