Why Medicine Is A Failure When It Comes To Real Health by #29621 .....

Catherine Shanahan, MD tells the truth about the lack of real nutrition, distortions of nutrition, nature and the human design plus fallacies about nutrition and health in her medical training.

Date:   8/30/2009 5:29:30 AM ( 12 y ago)

The reason why medicine is a failure when it comes to real health is because the doctors are taught a paradigm that is based upon and actually in support of disease! It is not a health paradigm! Additional they are not taught about the truth of Nature. Instead they are taught that nature is flawed and therefore people are flawed!

Here is one doctor's personal admission to this fact:
"I went to medical school hoping to get to the root of what makes people sick and to learn how to truly cure. But in medical school, I was discouraged from that goal. I was taught, for instance, that low back pain was a by-product of walking upright, and that our lumbar spines were simply too weak for us to be using them for anything other than crawling around on all fours. I also heard over and over that cancer and many common diseases were results of mistakes nature makes in duplicating our cellular DNA. The overarching theme was that nature was flawed and human beings were an intelligent but physically weak species. By the time I graduated, I’d been indoctrinated with the idea that disease and sickness are inevitable side effects of living, nothing could prevent them, and technological fixes were our only options."

This doctor goes on to say: "The nutrition science I learned in medical school was incomplete."

Way to go Catherine Shanahan, MD!


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