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I suppose I need to cleanse my liver.

Date:   9/12/2009 9:09:59 AM ( 13 y ago)

Wow, day 19. Tomorrow is day 20. Like I said, the only time I want to eat is when I get bored. But I am noticing the boredom comes RIGHT before some form of purge. Really interesting.

I didn't have any more problems yesterday. I did an enema this morning and expelled some candida and some solid waste. I feel 10 times better. My complexion looks a little pallid. I have a lot of energy.

Here's the thing about natural healing. My aunt's friend had cancer. She went through chemo and it came back. She didn't want to go through it again, so she figured she would try natural or accept what was going to happen. She went to a Chinese doctor in NYC. He looked at her hands, eyes, and tongue, handed her some herbs and sent her on her way. Within 2 months, she was completely healed. To this day she jokes that a couple of twigs saved her life.

Anyway, I found a great website via another thread about diagnosing using the tongue:

According to the site, my liver is sluggish. Go figure! I know that yellow in the whites of the eyes is indicative of liver problems, which I have. So I have finally determined that I need to cleanse my liver. My healing touch therapist got onto me about abusing my liver. I really do need to deal with how much I was drinking.

Weight: 135.8 / 28.3% bmi


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