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Quoted from "The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex: A Deadly Fairy Tale" by Dr. Doug Henderson and Dr. Gary Null plus a supporting article.

Date:   10/24/2009 12:00:25 AM ( 12 y ago)

"When we speak of the pharmaceutical industry complex, it does not refer solely to private drug manufacturers. The complex, like a Matrix that holds captive the health of the nation in medical slavery by its own design and manipulation, is a consortium, a spiders’ web woven with financial attachments throughout the medical profession."

The New Swine Flu Vaccines

"Is it little wonder then that we are being intimidated and frightened into believing that mandatory vaccination is being touted even though the science of efficacy and safety, even the need, for these new swine flu vaccines is patently unproven. It is perhaps one of the largest falsehoods ever perpetuated on humanity that dwarfs the sleaze on Wall Street. ... This is how the medical system is rigged and it is why we can watch 60 Minutes or read the New York Times serving as pharmaceutical shills to encourage vaccination, yet refusing to air or print the dissenting voices who have the scientific evidence to show it is a massive fraud. Therefore, the public is misled every step of the way. Victims of injury, such as the tens of thousands of children, now at 1 in 91 children, with autism spectrum disorder, are forced to fend for themselves. Parents know far better than the FDA and CDC, when their perfectly normal child after a vaccination or a series of vaccines shortly thereafter is lost, withdrawn into the dark corners of autism. And yet the pediatrician and psychologist will say the child must have had a genetic defect. The CDC, FDA and NIH, with an orchestrated voice, say it is not the vaccine. Everyone within the pharmaceutical industrial complex denies the truth. ..."

How about considering "food as your medicine"?


"Big Pharma Wants to Make You Sicker/
The Pharmaceutical Industry Toasts to Your Ill Health"
By Ed Steene:

December 15, 2016 -

"Wonder Drug Inspires Deep, Unwavering Love Of Pharmaceutical Companies" -
"... the title of a satire ... buried in the Onion archives.":


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