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Date:   11/10/2009 2:48:04 AM ( 12 y ago)

A friend told me recently that he pulled the Snake card from a deck of animal medicine cards. I read the card online. Later that night or the next I had a most unique snake dream. I saw two snakes in one! There were two snakes but one was completely inside the other except for the head which was sticking out of the mouth of the other snake. In other words it was as if the one snake had virtually swallowed the other snake whole (as they do when eating their prey) only the one snake wasn't really devouring the second snake. It held the the second snake inside it's body in an act of whole union! If I were in a dream sharing group I would probably go deeper with this image.

"... The power of snake medicine is ...

... the knowledge that all things are equal in creation ..."

Maybe my dream image reveals that. Maybe the snakes are taking turns getting swallowed by each other. That to my mind would show a certain equality. Or maybe they are already "equal" and not dependent upon "taking turns" to be inside and outside one another.

"Thoth, the Atlantian who later returned as Hermes and was the father of alchemy, used the symbology of two snakes intertwining around a sword to represent healing."

I participated in a training on conscious creating where I was given a name followed by the description: "wielder of the crystal (Christ-All) wand of Hermes".

I first heard the call to "healing" with the release of "Tommy":

"Physician heal thyself"! "The wounded healer"! I began my own "amazing journey" through several spiritual emergencies as of that next year. The spiritual emergencies prepared the way for me to begin walking a spiritual path that eventually became clear was a path that included healing.

"Complete understanding and acceptance of the male and
female within each organism creates a melding of the two into one, thereby producing divine energy."

I see this expressed in my dream. But more importantly I know this in my being!

" ... Through accepting all aspects of your life, you can bring about the transmutation of the fire medicine."

Fire can be seen in a number of ways, on different levels. On the Earth plane fire can certainly appear to have a consuming nature. In working with fire in our daily lives the attention is most often on the benefits that fire is producing for us. However, the Earth plane fire requires fuel and with that there is often something that still remains after fire has "consumed" the fuel and whatever remains on that level can be viewed as the evidence of a transformation. But the more valued transformations are in the things that we intended to benefit from by using fire.

This can be applied to our personal life and relations. There are things within us that have fulfilled their purpose but that still occupy space in us that may be blocking energy from flowing more freely to and through us on any/every level. If we are willing, the fire element can consume/transmute those things for our greater benefit. With this consuming process it may appear that we are losing something of value however, if that was making us sick, depriving us of greater health, joy, abundance and/or bliss, then that "loss" is simply making room for our gain! It's about a greater treasure! "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". (1) So choose your treasure/s wisely!

Fire can be considered as the element that is most closely related to Spirit. The medicine card has more to it which speaks in this way. Scriptures speak of the Spirit in through the element of fire. "Tongues of fire" appeared over the heads of the early followers of the ascended Christ. That same Spirit can work though us. It can work through our own tongue when we are speaking.

Often healing requires a certain kind of "consuming". Viruses consume. (See my other blogs to understand how I can refer to viruses within the context of healing). Then maybe you can hear that: viruses heal! Fevers perform a healing function that includes consuming. This indicates the need for a healthy respect for the consuming power of fire as this appears as the active element in snake medicine. We do know that fevers can possibly go too high and thus exceed the range of healing, however there is a safe temperature range that allows the fever to do it's healing! When we know what's within a safe temperature range then we don't need to be afraid of the snake/fire/healing process. Without fear we can better allow for the presence of snake/fire/healing in our lives rather have a tendency to automatically "kill it".

" This fire energy, when functioning on the material plane, creates passion, desire, procreation, and physical vitality."

Are you passionate about your life? Do you need some fire energy? I believe it is there for the asking. Consciously choosing inner cleanses, some times inducing a fever, can free-up energy and thereby increase "physical vitality". The more physical vitality you have the more energy you will have for creating "passion, desire, procreation"!

" On the emotional plane, it becomes ambition,
creation, resolution, and dreams."

I'm definitely here for conscious co-creating! I am envisioning a new creation! I can co-create consciously by responding from my gut rather than my head. In the Human Design system I am a Manifesting Generator type. Generators can respond and from their sacral center. I'm intending to hold that consciousness for "responding".

I am experiencing a greater clearing on the emotional plane. Fortunately I have several support systems that help the emotional clearing to be a steady progression!

In a large sense my "dream" is my about my healing as well as others and it includes the whole planet.

I am slowly building a certain kind of ambition in the process.

" On the mental plane it becomes intellect, power, charisma, and leadership. ..."

When we say "it" we are still talking about "fire energy". I can especially relate to the aspect of it becoming leadership now and possibly power. I think the aspect of "intellect" has been with me for some time. Of the four things mentioned above the intellect was probably the one area I felt most "safe" in developing. Also in my Human Design I have the Mind "defined".

"Snake Medicine" is quoted with permission of Jamie Sams and David Carson, Authors of the Medicine Cards, published by St. Martinís Press.
Illustration by Angela C. Werneke, Copyright 1988 and 1999.

(1) Matthew: 6:21


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