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Yahoo half way!!!

Date:   1/19/2010 1:51:45 PM ( 11 y ago)

i am so glad i am half way - it feels really good. i am at 143 pd which is 17 pound in 15day, i am happy about that being gone..this is the most i have lost in this amount of time on any fast...not sure why when i'm not doing anything different... i think the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off and then when you have less it slows down??? now just another 10 to go! yesterday i ran 4 miles, three continuous a break and then the final one. i am aiming to get the whole 4 in one hit by end of this week. that will feel good. i am wearing pants today that fit again yeah!!! still a long way to go but definately heading in the right direction. i love this part of fasting, i feel really good have good energy levels am sleeping really well. the only thing is i am bored but i can deal with that, i really do love eating a wide variety of food and looking forward to getting back to some of that...exercising way more moderation and better choices than what i have over the last few months.
oxypowder came yesterday so bm's are back in action. i have not introduced veggie juice as yet...mmm i know i have to do it but gosh i hate it.
looking forward to the next two weeks and finishing my third 30 day fast. still undecided whether i will continue or not..just see how i feel.


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