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Date:   1/25/2010 10:57:49 AM ( 11 y ago)

It turns out this journey hasn't been completely about getting into a bikini after all. I've been studying, moving forward, slacking off, getting excited - then overwhelmed - then discouraged. Not necessarily in that order. But the good news is, I am still learning. About myself. Here's some news. I have parasites. Is this good news or bad news? Better to know, I guess; what the heck has been wrong with me. I used to have get up and go, you know? Now I barely get up. If only I was exaggerating; I'm really not. I've been wondering what was wrong with me? what happened to me? what changed, you know? Why didn't this dawn on me before? Because I've been too busy trying to put out fires. The latest fire was me trying to understand my stinky armpits. Which led me to look into the lymphatic system. Now that was an eye opener, but back to the unpleasant topic of parasites. I've seen pictures of these distended stomachs and mine looks like that. You know, the last time I lost a lot of weight, I still had a stomach! It didn't dawn on me why that was. I've tried a couple of parasite cleanses before, but this time is going to be different. I know about some of the parasite cleanses out there, and I want to tell you about a product that is new to me that I like: The Exsula Superfoods. In my humble opinion theirs is by far the best one I've ever had. What does this have to do with parasites? They make a superfood for the parasite problem called strata-flora. This product is taken in conjunction with other ones depending on what's going on with your body, and also with a change in diet. coincidentally, this ties in with the diet I chose - which will be a PSMF - (protein sparing modified fast - I got this one from Lyle McDonald) basically meat, veggies & fish oil. I got some kelp noodles; Anybody ever try them? I hope they're good because I bought a case - I got some other very nutritious seaweeds as well - Arame, Hiziki, & Wakame. All of which I'm going to eat even if it turns out I dont like them, because I already paid for them. You can see I've put a lot of thought into this. I wanna come out of this in better shape than how I begin. So far I only have the iredesca superfood, but only a 1/4 tsp is pretty potent. That's good. I look forward to purchasing the other superfood blends on Friday. I'm going on a parasite killing spree and I'm going to get my life back.


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