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Date:   2/11/2010 8:26:58 PM ( 11 y ago)

Other than the constant stomach rumbling, and the "liquidation" I'm feeling pretty good. I made my mc drink with agave today; and It's a nice change from the molasses. I didn't have that exhausted feeling in my legs like yesterday, So I think the alkilinizing minerals worked. I call this the honeymoon period because there's a zone you get into where you can smell food and not get irate. I like not having to wonder what I'm going to eat. All I really have to do is take care of myself and be patient, and not get caught up counting the days. I think when you do that, you can get anxious for the end to come. I have already chosen my end date, and it's a ways off; so I just want to sit back and enjoy the time. Right now, I'm watching Iron Chef America. Oh yeah, there's the issue of what to tell people. In the past, I tried to get people excited for me, and support me but I think it's something that's out of a lot of people's realm; so this time I decided to handle it by being proactive. I told a couple of people I was going on a health program, and threw in that I am not just trying to lose weight, but I also aim to dissolve a benign tumor. I threw the last part in (which is true) so they could back off and do what I asked when they see my physical appearance changing-I politely requested that they keep any negative comments to themselves. It was freeing to risk offending people with my truth, and set my boundaries.


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