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Date:   2/12/2010 12:57:49 PM ( 11 y ago)

Bobby Flay won the Iron Chef America battle of Chocolate last night. He痴 the man. I decided to take extra fiber before I went to sleep with strata flora probiotic superfood, hoping for a change in my stool when I woke up. I also took Colon Blow (pyssillum w/ herbal capsules) for Breakfast this morning. Between the fiber and the pyssillum; I see an improvement. While not totally back to normal, I知 now getting solids as well as liquids. I just had some colon blow for lunch. I値l have one more for dinner. I知 looking forward to seeing the results, and getting some junk out. I値l have to drink a lot of fluid for the colon blow to do it痴 best job; so I知 concentrating on that and just minding my own business staying out of everyone else痴 drama. Honestly, my impression from day 1 has been that my body is sooo grateful that I致e begun this cleansing. Overall, I feel a sense of well being. I want to finally learn how to work with, instead of against myself. I made the mc with maple syrup today. It tastes good. It痴 lunch time now, and the smell of food is everywhere. Shortly after getting to work this morning, here comes one of the guys that was supposed to be doing the mc. He痴 smiling and holding out a pear. He says mischievously, you want some? Smell it, he says. I just smiled, smelled the pear (no smell by the way) and handed it back. Aren稚 people too much? That痴 some of the stuff you gotta be prepared for in advance so when, not if - but when - it comes it won稚 knock you flat. I just saw the guy a few minutes ago, but now痴 he痴 genuinely interested. He asked me which day I知 on and if I feel good. Maybe he値l be inspired and start the mc soon.


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