How did this happen!! by apstan222 .....


Date:   2/16/2010 6:31:08 AM ( 11 y ago)

How did this happen?! I am now 10st 10.4lbs!!

I'll tell you how. Moving house and not having a proper kitchen for a month, and then eating take outs all the time. Then, being on my period for SIX WEEKS so felt too tired to exercise. Now I have ballooned up and now need to lose an extra 6lbs, which means a total of 34lbs! I can't believe I am 150lbs, my clothes are so tight, it's embarrassing.

Must get started on the juices, that is the only thing that makes me keep to a healthy weight.

I am prepping and will insha'allah start a juice fast in the very near future. What I need to do is get my mindset right. The great thing is that our apartment has an on-site gym, so no excuses.

Ok, let's hope that tomorrow is the day. Must stop being so evil to myself!


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