The Grass-Fed Milk/Milk-Fed Grass Connection! by #29621 .....

Here's a "story ... to convince farmers and livestock producers ... to look into the possibility of using raw milk, compost tea, earthworm castings tea, liquid fish or sea minerals or some combination thereof to boost production at an affordable cost."

Date:   4/21/2010 10:08:59 PM ( 11 y ago)

"Can raw milk make grass grow? More specifically, can one application of three gallons of raw milk on an acre of land produce a large amount of grass? The answer to both questions is yes."

I am envisioning living on a grass-fed small dairy farm and just like our man Wetzel (in this story) would be mostly interested in using the fats in the milk. Up til today I thought the skimmed milk would be great to feed hogs but now I see how milk-fed grass completes the circle of life!


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