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Date:   5/13/2010 3:39:43 PM ( 11 y ago)

I missed y'all :) Let's see, I had to read my last post in February to remember what I was up to then. Somehow, it seems longer than that. At least I came back while it's still 2010. And guess what? In spite of my self, I have actually been learning. Alot. One conclusion I've come to is that a long term mc (lemonaide) or even a juice fast is not appropriate for me. I know there are some who swear by it, but I need something else. I need fiber, for one thing. I tried the PSMF, but my body immediately revolted against the protein even though I ate less than the amount that I was supposed to, so I had to give that up. In between all that, I stopped eating ice cream and replaced it with cereal. I havent gained weight, I lost a little and surely I'm maintaining. I can tell by my clothes. I recently wore a pair of pants I couldn't wear last year. They are size 16 which is supposed to have been my "official" size for the past coupla years, but I definitely was on my way to size 18. Thank God I never made it. So what am I going to do now? Well, Iíve had about 3 months to think about it Ė something that will work with my body Ė low maintenance, easy, delicious. I think Iíve found it. Green Smoothies! Yes folks, green smoothies. I found them when I started eating raw food again. I bought a couple of books along the way, one is The 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham. I like some of the ideas in his book, because I've found from my own experience that a lot of the raw food is very high fat, and is counterproductive to my health on many levels. Another book I got is Natalia Rose's book, The Raw Food Detox Diet. I liked it because it's doable for those who choose to have some cooked food. I've jumped on so many diet/supplement bandwagons, that I've lost count. Some of these diets / supplement companies remind me of cults and/or religions. My comment about them is think for yourself, and do whats right for your own body. As much as I like raw food, I may never eat 100% raw long term, because I simply donít want to. . .unless of course something critical happens, like all the burgers leave the planet or something...but I will eat better, and I will eat mindfully. I bought a good blender for my latest cause; a Blendtec Total blender to make smoothies and soups (and one day, ice cream). I havent used it yet, but a coupla weeks ago, I tried my first green smoothie. It had spinach, bananna, mango. It was soo good. I like the taste of green, and drinking green or ugly looking things doesn't bother me either, as long as it tastes good. My body was so happy. I had two more the same week, cause my body craved them; but I will begin making my own low sugar ones instead of buying them (unless I'm desperate) because they were expensive, like $8-$10! And I donít even think they were organic. So that's my new plan y'all. I get my veggies, fruit, fiberÖWhen I started researching online, I heard about two people who drank a lot of smoothies and lost a lot of weight: Clent Manich, and Valerie Winters - so I know it can be done. Unfortunately Valerie no longer has her blog up, so I couldnít read it, but I'm still inspired.


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