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Yummo! - Rachel Ray

Date:   5/17/2010 10:32:20 AM ( 11 y ago)

I pushed past my resistance to go to the grocery store yesterday and bought some non organic fruit & veggies. I got five different greens. This morning I made my first smoothie with my new blendtec total blender, and I am in awe. What a difference from my regular blender. Even a huge difference from the smoothies I bought from the store earlier this month ok? It is so...smoooooth! You get one of these blentecs or vitamix's or anything like it, and you will probably never go back to the regular blender. I say the extra money was worth every penny. I know I sound like a commercial, but I can't help gushing about it. This is my dream appliance. clean up was a breeze. It worked so fast too. People have said it is so noisy, but my regular blender was louder than this, and it took forever to make chunky concoctions. What I made this LOL! I put in a bag of spinach, a mango, 2/3 apple, a few blackberries & strawberries, cilantro, 2 bananas, almost a half of a lemon & lime each, & 2cups of water. I thought I would end up with 64 oz. but I didnt even get 32oz. I'm going to have it for lunch I guess. It tastes pretty good, a little green and not very sweet, so I put some agave in it until I can get some stevia. I offered some to a nice lady at work, and she liked it! I'm going to keep practicing, but I am so psyched!


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