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Date:   5/18/2010 3:59:51 PM ( 11 y ago)

Yesterday three people (other than me) tried my smoothie and liked it. This morning, again feeling pressed for time, I quickly debated whether or not to even bother with the smoothie or iron something to wear, since I didn't have time to do both. Luckily, I found non wrinkled clothes. Today's smoothie consists of 3 peaches (canned in pear juice), a little lemon & lime, celery, ¼ apple, ½ a bag of spinach, a few romaine leaves, cinnamon, agave, 2 bananas, 4 blackberries, a cup of water. Stopped to taste. Yuuummm. So far, so good - then I decided to use turnip greens ~ so there's a bitterness to it now; Darn! Maybe I should have just stuck with romaine! Thank God I only used a few leaves. Rushing to get out for work, I could only do so much tinkering with the taste - that's when I threw in the second banana & cinnamon - but its still pretty good. As I headed out the door, the thought occured to me that there may not be any takers today, but if that be the case, there will be more for me.


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