Reducing Dependence On Oil by #29621 .....

Big oil's gravy train has jumped it's final tracks! Americans want alternative fuels! Think/support local alternative fuel production.

Date:   6/11/2010 12:32:05 AM ( 11 y ago)

"... a new study finds most Americans are ready to do what it takes to reduce dependence on oil.
Poll Shows American Frustration Over Oil"

"... when Americans understand the small percentage of world oil reserves held by this country, support for reduced consumption ... increased. When informed the U.S. holds less than three percent of the world’s oil reserves, the proportion of respondents who felt it 'very important' to reduce our oil dependence increased from 54% to 68%":

"Hydrous ethanol (about 95% ethanol and 5% water) can be used as fuel in more than 90% of new cars sold in the country.":

"... alcohols make ideal motor fuels. The first practical internal combustion engine - patented by Nikolaus Otto in 1877 - ran on alcohol (gasoline had not been "discovered" yet), and the Model A Ford, produced from 1928 to 1931, was designed to burn a variety of fuels ... alcohol being one of them. In addition, Studebaker trucks built for export in the 1930's (and various domestic tractors sold both in the U.S. and abroad) were offered with either gasoline or alcohol fuel systems. (Indeed, at the start of the "motorized era", alcohol was just as common as - if not more so than - fossil fuels.":

"Blume Distillation equipment will offer farmers, entrepreneurs, municipalities, and corporations the opportunity to turn biofuel crops and waste products into clean, safe bio-ethanol fuel.":


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