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Date:   6/16/2010 7:25:34 AM ( 11 y ago)

In the last two weeks I have been on a diet which I call the '5pm diet'. Basically I have to drink 2 litres of water a day and add a couple of fruits/vegetables, whilst eating a sensible breakfast and lunch and stop eating at 5pm every day. I have done that for the last two weeks. My calories have been around 1,000.

So far I have managed to lose about 4 lbs in the last two weeks. Which is good, but since I have been exercising as well I thought it would be much more. For the last week or so my weight has been stuck on 10st 7lbs (147lbs). Last year I was 9st 6lbs (132lbs). My ideal weight would be 8st 7lbs (119lbs). So I need to lose a great 28lbs.

Which brings me to why I started this blog in the first place. I need to lose 28lbs, and I will do this via juice fasting. I am very excited (as I always am) when I am juice fasting as it gives me a great experience. If you have read my blogs you will see that the longest I have ever lasted is 11 days due to various family commitments and people telling me how bad it is that I am losing weight so quickly etc. But it feels great! I have this perfect glow and I feel energised and have great sleep as well. I want that again and therefore I will be starting another fast!

As I have been dry fasting from 5pm onwards for the last two weeks I think I will be able to do this quite easily. I have prepared myself and bought two massive pink grapefruits and four naval oranges. I will get a few more tonight to prepare myself for tomorrow's fast.

I think at present I will have to do a mini two-day fast to kick things off, and mainly because I have a birthday party on Saturday and I am taking people out!

Anyway, good luck to me, and if you are fasting as well, why not give me a shout?

Here come the good old days...


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