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"Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels"

Date:   7/16/2010 8:18:04 AM ( 11 y ago)

The quote above was from Kate Moss apparently, and I have been thinking about it for a while. Although Kate got slaughtered for saying it, I am trying to use it to stick to my juice fasting!

So I started fasting again this week but thought let's wait until I get back to my previous juice fasting weight a couple of weeks ago which was 10st 4.4lbs. That day is today.

I started fasting on Tuesday 13 July and this is how my weight has been:

Tue 13 July: 10st 10.4lbs (150.4lbs)
Wed 14 July: 10st 8.2lbs (148.2lbs)
Thu 15 July: 10st 5.8lbs (145.8lbs)
Fri 16 July: 10st 4.4lbs (144.4lbs)

That's an exact 6lb weight loss in 3 days (am on Friday 16 July still) and I've been doing pretty well, with no real problems, although I did have mild headaches on days 2 and 3. Had to sleep it off. Have been tired also, but the sleep has been good, with me not being lazy in the mornings, which is definitely a plus!

I have started to get to my first stage (as per my previous blog) and I am aiming to get to 9st 10lbs (136lbs) by the next two weeks (need to lose 8lbs in 11 days). I am wondering if I can continue the fast throughout. There is only one potential day which is a baking competition at work and I might end up being one of the judges! That is in 3 days time (which will be day 7 for me if I am able to continue, which looks promising at present, but not sure about day 8 if I am a judge).

Otherwise, that would be good to get down to 136lbs as there is a wedding that day and people I have not seen in nearly 5 years. Would be good to look my best!

After that, I have two weeks to get down to 9st 6lbs (132lbs) (Stage Two - see previous blog) which was the weight I was when my in-laws went on holiday, and want to be back at that so that I don't get any comments from mother-in-law regarding it! Gives me ample time if I manage to stick to fasting.

Tonight we are going to the cinema so will have my juice before then so that I am not hungry. I have been averaging about a litre of juice a day whilst drinking redbush/rooibos tea (which is a refreshing change). Have not however been good with my water. Must change that this weekend.

Okay, the challenge is set then - 8lbs to lose in 11 days. Is it possible? Yes, if I continue juice fasting. No, if I do anything else!

Let's see what happens then, shall we?


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