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"You have nothing to lose except everything you have gained so far"

Date:   7/26/2010 6:41:17 AM ( 11 y ago)

Today is Monday 26 July and yesterday I ended my fast. I did 12 days, and wanted to do more, but had to break my fast due to the wedding I will be attending tomorrow, where I would have to eat.

Every 5 days of fasting requires 1 day to break it apparently, so 12 days would equal a 2-day break. So, sensibly I think, I decided to break my fast yesterday as otherwise if I did eat at the wedding (or someone forced food down my throat, as is the norm) I would not have a painful reaction. Which is a shame as I was very confident that I could do a long stretch. Does not help that I will be on holiday and staying with my parents up until this weekend (where food is everywhere, and if you don't eat, it is disrespectful).

I decided to make my own soup to break the fast as I had left over tomatoes and I have a fresh basil plant. It was very good, but afterwards it started to taste too acidic! I then had a low fat strawberry yoghurt, but felt too full afterwards. As I was out, and hungry, I had a little bit of golden syrup from my in-laws house to give me a little energy during the day, and it was like the best thing I had tasted in my life! I still had juice in the morning.

So, broke my fast as follows:

10am - juice, continued for the rest of the day
4pm - tiniest amount of golden syrup
7pm - home-made tomato and basil soup
7.30pm - low fat strawberry yoghurt

I am very pleased with myself as I managed to live on just juices, and juices alone, for the last 12 days. My weight loss was as follows:

Day 1 - 10st 10.4lbs
Day 2 - 10st 8.2lbs
Day 3 - 10st 5.8lbs
Day 4 - 10st 4.4lbs
Day 5 - 10st 3.0lbs
Day 6 - 10st 2.0lbs
Day 7 - 10st 1.8lbs
Day 8 - 10st 0.6lbs
Day 9 - 10st 1.0lbs (gain of 0.4lbs - random!)
Day 10 - 9st 13.6lbs
Day 11 - 9st 13.4lbs
Day 12 - 9st 12.6lbs
Day 13 - 9st 11.8lbs - fast broken
Day 14 - 9st 12.0lbs (gain of 0.2lbs)

Today is Day 14 and I am still having juice! I have not eaten anything solid yet, but will do when I get back. I have yoghurt and I think I will have some strawberry slimfast which is hidden in my desk with milk. I do need to have some solid food though.

I am still continuing with the juice and have to be honest and say that I was somewhat discouraged when my weight went up 0.2lbs today - but what do I expect! I have managed to shed 12.6lbs in the last 12 days whilst juice fasting, and I expect not to put on any weight when I start eating again?!!!

I like the quote that is my abstract above. Antonia Banderas said it in the film 'Take the Lead' and I think it is very fitting. I do have nothing to lose except everything I have gained so far. And I have gained a 12lb weight loss, which I do not want to lose!

I shall continue trying to control what I eat, and will get back on the juicing train next week I think for a 7 day juice fast this time, before the start of Ramadan.

My target was 9st 10lbs for tomorrow, but seeing as I am 9st 12lbs today, and back on solids soon, I doubt that, but good effort nonetheless!

During my fasting experience this time round, I have to say I was very silly and did not get my proper nutrients. Hence, I was tired throughout and had very little energy. I have dropped nearly two dress sizes and my previous trousers are literally dropping to the floor as they no longer fit. So I did lose 12lbs, and it has been successful in that respect, but how long can it be maintained? I have to exercise and must get my head around that fact. If you don't move, you don't maintain or lose weight. You can't go on eating what you do and expect not to gain weight. You can go on different diets and different health regimes, but you need to be the one controlling what you put in your mouth and how you look after yourself in terms of exercise and general health.

It is up to us! So why are we not doing it! Life can be so easy if we let it! We are the masters of our destinies, so we must help ourselves and do it for us!

Go forth and take care of yourself because no one else will - you owe that to yourself. You know it, you do.

Next time you pick up some fruit and chocolate, think of it this way. Fruit will make me pretty, chocolate will make me ugly. Why am I making myself ugly?

Easier said than done, of course.

Enough from me. Let's see how my weight does this week. Will be back for another juice fast next week.


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