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Comments re: The Journal of 9/11 Research plus 9/11 Issues (at and a question regarding the Mission Statements for the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Date:   8/20/2010 7:10:47 PM ( 11 y ago)

I began reading this with some interest: "Many have called for 'a new investigation' of 9/11, but we do not need another puppet show or whitewash! A group of folks, including myself, have not only called for a new investigation of what really happened on 9/11, but have actually done something about it. In addition to a new investigation, we have called for accountability in the coverup of 9/11. Perhaps you'd like to join us.

So, you want a new investigation of 9/11 and accountability for the coverup of 9/11? Well, Today's your lucky day!"

However the conclusion (copied below) of what was "actually done ..." is: "All three complaints are dismissed with prejudice"!

I'm not surprised about this "decision"!
However I find it most noteworthy that the documented evidence (that I have seen published and circulating over the past nine years regarding the demolitions) has yet to be acknowledged in court.

In any case, given this "order" of the "court" - I'm convinced more than ever that a recovery of the people's local grand juries are needed starting at New York City.

Also: "Dick Gregory Received a Warning to Leave New York Night Before 9/11"[1]



The defendants' motions to dismiss, filed in each of these three eases, are granted. All three complaints are dismissed with prejudice.... actions are hereby closed.

Dated: New York, New York June 26, 2008



The "National September 11 Memorial Museum" -

May 13th, 2014 - I sent this inquiry to the museum.:

Besides the abundance of well-documented eye-witness accounts showing the world that three buildings were indeed destroyed at the Trade Center - what might the 9/11 Memorial Museum's "Mission Statements"[2] have as their main reference for the part about "terrorists"?

May 18, 2014 -

Sign up for The 911 Truth newsletter[3] and then see their current notice about the museum.:

"History has shown us that in order to maintain an official myth, there must be an official consecration of that myth. Unfortunately, this is what will be taking place at Ground Zero on May 21, 2014."

The "Grand Opening – (Wednesday) May 21, 2014: National September 11 Memorial Museum"

According to the "Destiny Cards" - May 21st is a
"Jack of Clubs" day.

"This is a card of memory ... often called the Card of the Future.[5]

"As early as the mid-16th century the card was known in England as the Knave (meaning a male servant of royalty)."[6]

"Androgynous by nature, these people are able to traverse the male/female boundaries with ease. They represent the Aquarian Age of melding the opposites, forward thinkers that test societal norms. This knack for traversing boundaries also includes the boundaries of honesty and dishonesty with the ability to swing from one to the other effortlessly."[7]

The "Planetary Ruler Card" at the time of the opening is "Seven of Spades: The Card of Faith"[8]

Also consider the "Language of the Stars" - This week in astrology[9]

By understanding both the astrological timing of the "Grand Opening" of the museum, plus the two cards, the esoteric nature of the "Mission" of the museum can be revealed!

The 9/11 museum’s absurd gift shop:[10]

May 19th 2014 -

I'm feeling at least emotionally impacted after reading the "" article[10]. I prayed about this. I was inspired to write to the A&E 911 Truth organization. This is what I wrote.:

I appreciate all of the truth-telling that the presents! I'm especially responding to the most recent announcement regarding the museum opening. If I had the financial means to I would make a donation for the purpose of circulating 911 Truth fliers at the museum.

I'm now more acutely aware that along with the "truth" there needs to be at least an equal if not double measure of compassion-empathy for the fact that the our collective psyche has suffered a severe shock. Does recognize this?

I attended a local 911truth gathering some number of months ago and experienced a need for empathic listening however the monitor did not allow for that. I suddenly realized that there was a need for empathy and that it was not in the groups "vision/mission" to give empathy. I have not returned to the group's events and don't intend to.

There is a need for healing. Healing requires facing and embracing feelings. Does the mission acknowledge the need for healing and at least this part of the required healing process?

The 911 truth is now known; at least enough of it is known or can be accessed by individuals and be known by them. However, truth alone will not heal the collective psyche. All of the campaigns to get the "truth" out into the public's awareness will not heal us. Neither will "justice" heal us. We need an ocean of healing compassion and empathetic listening to wash through our inner being. Would it be possible to access that ocean through

Heal 911:

July 16, 2015 -

According to the "cards of destiny" - September 11th is the King of Clubs - "The Master of Knowledge", "Master of the Mind":

"Due to many lifetimes, the King of Clubs has amassed a resource of knowledge from which to draw with authority. They live this life on their own terms, from their unique perspective and have a commanding presence both physically and mentally. Preferring the leadership position, they demonstrate initiative and drive. With a brilliant mind, they can project an assuredness on any topic they choose...."[11]

The Planetary Ruler Card for 9/11 is the Jack of Diamonds. "... all Jacks can be slippery and wily."[12] "Jack of Diamonds is a controversial card. They can be wholly material, highly spiritual, or curios and unaccountable, or a mixture of two. ...Fixation on material matters can lead to a loss of spirituality."[13]

The combined influences of these two cards together deserve consideration for why September 11th was chosen as the date (not only in 2001 but also in other violent events).

September 22 -

The interpretation ... of 911 did not match the events that people experienced. It plunged an entire world into cognitive dissonance. In that state, critical faculties are weakened, empathy tends to go toward the victims, and trust is extending, often in an irrational and hysterical manner, to those who claim they can solve the problem and prevent further harm. Cognitive dissonance is a mind control technique routinely used by cult leaders. The natural empathic and protective instincts of the human beings can be coopted by this technique.[14]

"Cognitive dissonance" may be the mildest of impacts upon the collective psyche. The events of both September 11, 2001 and November 22, 1963 rate as a "shock conflict" IMO.

December 21st -

Incontrovertible: New 9/11 Documentary -

"'Incontrovertible' is a film made for the purpose of acting as a practical aid in combatting the mainstream media's propaganda and its outlandish lies about the 9/11 attacks.

This is becoming an increasingly important task today, as countries like France enact legislation to censor websites expressing views with dissenting views from official propaganda and mega-corporations, like Google are forced to lose
money and to dishonor their own founding principles by changing their Terms of Service, in order to put independent journalists out of

The film focuses on the honest, candid views of police officers, firefighters and soldiers, as they express their incredulity and dismay over the official explanation for the events of 9/11.

Importantly, this film was made with the express purpose that it be viewed by police officers,
firefighters and all those serving in the armed forces, as it is the belief of the filmmaker, Tony Rooke that this group of people may be the
most strategically-positioned to change mass perception to one that is more realistic.

If you have friends or family who are serving in any of these and other first-responder capacities, the filmmaker asks that you please pass this film along to them." - Alexandra[15]

Cognitive dissonance is symptomatic of the need to heal "shock conflicts" re: the events of September 11, 2001 (and November 22, 1963). Healing the psyche is what German New Medicine is all about.[16]

Dec. 23rd -

Speaking of "November 22, 1963" - A friend shared with me some of his experience when he expressed his personal disagreement over the "official" account of September 11th 2001. He reported that there was a conservative gentleman who dismissed my friend's "disagreement" because it sounded like a "conspiracy theory". Unfortunately my friend didn't respond affirmatively and essentially "lost" his standing in that conversation. I wish it to be known by everyone that the term "conspiracy" applied one way or another to government was introduced at least forty years earlier by president Kennedy in his speech: "The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961".:

"... For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations."

Although I had read/heard this speech before today it takes on greater meaning. I make an especially keen note of the inclusion of "scientific" operations among the other kinds of interest. It is now well-documented that the so called "consensus" among scientists that had been asserted by "Climate Warming" propagandists was actually an "orchestrated" process involving an emailed survey with the results cherry-picked in order to get the highest possible percentage of those who were pro-"climate warming". In other words it was conspired - AKA a "conspiracy"!

Part of the healing for the two sudden, unexpected, world-altering and shocking events (both of which opened the door for wars costing thousands of lives) will be an acceptance of the fact that events of this magnitude require major conspiring among the six "operations" (that JFK had named). Also, Eisenhower gave his warning in his farewell message regarding the "military industrial complex" - that again depends upon the "conspiring among the six operations".

Agree or disagree? Either way it is essential to reclaim the full extent of your vocabulary - AKA "word power"! Conspiracy is a term that every free individual has a Right to use whenever, wherever it is needed! It could be considered part of (but not limited to of by) "Free Speech". Telling the truth is essential for the Psyche's conflict resolution!

January 16th, 2016 -

I'm now finally reasonably resolved (after about fourteen years of considerable research) that the events of September 11th, 2001 were only made possible by a majority of people in the United Sates of America who believe they are innocent of passively enabling certain conditions that exist in the USA today even though these conditions have been inherited by the preceding generations ever since the Constitution of September 17th, 1787 was ratified. "...the Constitution of September 17, 1787 was established by the first nine States to ratify that Constitution, but the Constitution was never 'Adopted,' so the Constitution of the United States is no more than legislation passed by the States to administer the territory belonging to the Confederacy, the United States of America."[17]


From September 12. 2011 -

"The United States noted the 10th Anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the country this past weekend. Annenberg faculty provided their perspectives. Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Ph.D., the Elizabeth Ware Packard Professor of Communication and Director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, explained to USA Today the differences in the lexicon since September 11. '"9-1-1" now elicits feelings of vulnerability, fear, defiance and recovery. […] words carry associations they lacked before the attacks.' Carolyn Marvin, Ph.D., the Frances Yates Professor of Communication, talked about the symbolism of the American flag. 'It’s about sacrifice and everybody knows that, and sometimes people don’t even know that they know it […] we put this flag over coffins. We do not put the eagle over coffins; we do not put George Washington over coffins. This flag represents the so-called ultimate sacrifice.'[18]

"How does the flag operate in American life? Religiously, in a word. ... In American civil religion, the flag is the ritual instrument of group cohesion. ... What it conceals is that blood sacrifice preserves the nation. ... The totem secret, the collective group taboo, is the knowledge that society depends on the death of its own members at the hands of the group." - Blood Sacrifice and the Nation: Totem Rituals…
by Carolyn Marvin, David W. Ingle[19]

11:33 PM PST -

Three things that I will simply note here for now with the intention of exploring each of these further. Collective conditioning, American karma, and the astrology of September 11th.

January 25, 2017 -

Apparently one whole entire year has passed since my last visit here! Although this subject matter was not my #1 during issue for 2016 it still remains "The Need To Heal"! This past day I was inspired to look at the neutrino weather on September 11, 2001 for clues as to how collective conditioning may have allowed this event to be experienced the way it was. I discovered that the prime source for neutrinos in our solar system: The Sun was in the second line of Hexagram 47. Here's the description:

Gate 47 is the "Gate of Oppression”: "A restrictive and adverse state as a result of internal weakness or external strength or both. You can not go into the image pool hoping to find a resolution. -

...We will not see the full picture immediately as we tentatively start to sort through the collection of images, and it may not be apparent at first which clip holds the key to our eventual mental realization. As new details emerge, we may vacillate between perceiving the event this way or that way through a mix of recognitions that direct us toward different interpretations.

At first we may feel that rather than the process becoming easier, it is becoming more complicated for us to reassemble the mental sequences in a way that makes sense. If we can step back and trust, however, we will eventually cycle through to that "aha" moment.”[21]

Although this is a significant part of the neutrino imprint that is stamped on the 9/11 event there have already been plenty of reviewers who have done their due-diligence "to sort through the collection of images". The summation of which is that there have been a number of "clips" identified that reveal many "key(s) to our eventual mental realization" however individuals need to have an open mind to recognize these keys!

Kim Gould writes: “…in Gate 47 - Oppression and exhaustion - in the Ajna Center. When we give our minds control, everyone loses the plot. Left in charge but with no access to true awareness, the mind is like a frightened and lost child. It’s only ally is the shallow ego self, a shell of bombast or a ghost hiding away from the world (probably a combination of both), leading us into oppression and exhaustion. …”[22]

The controlled media (like controlled demolition) will not support "true awareness" and therefore will only feed the viewers the kind of news feed that keeps the viewers giving their power over to their collectivized minds.

September 8, 2017 -

"If nobody ever saw the hurricane that was closing in on the east coast on Sept. 11 2001 (9/11) GO LOOK IT UP, they scrambled the thing and shot it off into the east at a sharp almost 90 degree angle, other wise it was headed for NY up the coast and would have grounded most of the flights and 9/11 would never have happened exactly as planned.
LOL and you can find many news/weather reports that barely reported on it like it wasn't even happening."[23]





[4] 911 Truth announcement linked here:




















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