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"Welcome to the Evolution: Mayan Calendar Comes North (Condor Flies to the Eagle)" Presented by Ian Xel Lungold, Whitehorse Yukon Territory, June 22, 2004

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"The Gregorian calendar went outward with the Spanish and with the Catholic bishops. They conquered lands and then told people what day it was. Most civilizations already had their own calendar, and then these guys come along and say, 'No, this is the day.' It didnít go down very easily; they had to kill millions and millions of people to get them to follow this Gregorian Calendar. And what this Gregorian calendar was all about was the physical measurement of our orbit and it turns out that this is a very, very insidious tool. You probably never thought that a calendar could be so evil. But what this calendar has done is it has pinned our civilizationís consciousness to physical evidence only. The absolute dead center of our civilization is focused on only physical evidence; the measurement of physical objects moving through space. Thatís why itís not year of our lord anymore; ...

... ethics is scheduled to overcome power, just like power overcame law. ... Law overcame reason ... there is very little reason or sanity in the way laws are written. Laws overcame reason. ... During the 4th day of this cycle (Planetary) Law overcame reason. During the 4th section of this right here (Planetary) from 1874-1894, was the 4th day, this is when power overcame law. Thatís when Rockefeller and Carnegie and Westinghouse all were becoming corporate powers that overcame the laws of nations and people. So we have ethics coming in right now and during the 4th day Ė which is 2005, ethics will overcome power."

Welcome to the Evolution: Mayan Calendar Comes North (Condor Flies to the Eagle)

May 28, 2015 -

"This is what Don Alejandro told about the Mayan prophecy of 2012: First and foremost, there is a time window around this date, December 21, 2012. The Mayans call this the end of the time. It includes 7-8 years. This time window Began on 24 October 2007. However, the precise deadline is me (the interviewer) is not Communicated. What is certainement Is that we are all in this time window of life, what the end of time is called. Don Alejandro ook Said That the probability That the Mayan prophecy would start on That date, December 21, 2012, what most people in the world believe, would be extremely Unlikely. He Said it was somewhere in this window will Occur (the end of time) Which Means, any time! And this until 2015.":

July 29, 2016 -

"With a few exceptions, the Mayan prophecy about the end of the cosmic cycle, the Fifth World, has been interpreted in terms of actual physical destruction of humanity and of the material world, in a way similar to the interpretation (or better misinterpretation) of the term apocalypse by Christian fundamentalists, particularly the millions of American Christians who believe that at the time of this global destruction they will experience 'rapture' and be united with Jesus. People who see it this way are not aware of the fact that the original and literal meaning of the term apocalypse (Greek ApokŠlypsis) is not destruction but 'lifting of the veil' or 'revelation.' It referred to the disclosure of some secrets hidden from the majority of humanity to certain privileged persons. The source of the misinterpretation of this word is probably the phrase 'apokŠlypsis eschaton' which literally means 'revelation at the end of the śon, or age.'"[1]

I had experienced first-hand impact of the Christian fundamentalist "misinterpretation" and could write at least a chapter about this in my biography. The seed of this "misinterpretation" actually found its way into my vulnerable psyche before the "age of reasoning" via a book published by the Jehovah Witnesses complete with illustrations portraying the actually physical destruction of the world. Apparently the "Witnesses" had a calendar date for when this would occur (very roughly somewhere around 1970 although I would want to research and verify this). Interestingly enough to me - I had an "end of the world"(EoTW) experience in early 1971. As dramatic as that was it wasn't the only one I had. Another EoTW experience occurred in July 1975 while I was fully immersed in "The Church" in Chicago. Chicago, if nothing else, was a perfect stage for these experiences! (All of which might actually require a couple chapters!)


[1] 2012 and Human Destiny: End of the World or Consciousness Revolution? Stanislav Grof, M.D.:


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