day 2 and a half ish by bellaboo719 .....

day 2 update on water fast

Date:   8/31/2010 10:33:49 AM ( 13 y ago)

So a quick update before I head off to bed this morning.... so I guess its day 2 and a half. Weight yesterday was 166.5 and didn't really have hunger or cravings, but did experience energy highs and fatigue lows.

This morning's after work weigh in was 163.4. The overnight shift was pretty difficult as far as fasting goes. It was definitely the first time I've missed having a cup of coffee to pick me up if I hit a wall in being awake/alert. Since I've fasted in the past I know that the first 3-4 days are the work to acclimate, so just trying to stick it out until I coast a little bit just on routine alone.

The plan today is to get as much sleep as the noise of the neighborhood will allow a day sleeper to get and take my dog for a walk as a distraction while the boyfriend eats dinner. I havent really had an issue being around food and feeling temption, but I think intentional avoidance is a good idea to make it easier.


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