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Most people do not really comprehend their true life force! We all share an existence that has and will be the sum of our comprehension of what we share in this life! Ready or not!

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Title: Comprehend?


  In order to understand the realm of the universe;  we must come to realize that there are two "worlds" or plains of existence that we can comprehend!

 There is the sighted or physical things that we know here on this earth; then there is a vast spiritual realm beyond all we see...

 All that exist in the physical has existed in the unseen spiritual  or heavenly realm...   This is due to the existence of Almighty God! As the essence and Creator of the Universe and all that we know!  Like it or not;  what is exist beyond any of our comprehension! It existed before we even thought about it!

God is the Great I Am!  Which is the very state of being or existence!  

** With that in mind, we must move on to the fact that all we see in the physical existence, will one day pass away...  It will come to pass...

While this may be difficult for some to believe or understand, it is never the less a fact of Nature!   Yes,  even this earth will pass away...  But your true life force (Your Soul) will exist into Eternity!

This is the time for you to comprehend your existence; and to understand the implications of your demise or end, dear friend! We all will pass away from this earthly (physical) existence at some point in time...

BTW: time as we know it will pass away also!   In Eternity time is just the state of being; i.e. or always!

What does this mean to you?  Well first it tells you that there is no need to worry about most of the things in this physical world!  This earth life is temporary, worry about most is the key word here!

** What you should be concerned about is how do you treat others, your prayer life (if you have one) and what your relationship with Almighty God is!  HUH!

 I can not speak for you or you for me, but we can share the good news that there is a better place, if we (you) are willing to Trust God!

 We will all stand in God's  judgment for all we did in this lifetime, wither it be good or bad...  

 Just maybe repentance is in order for you now?  

If you are confused about this; then you need to comprehend where you pathway of life leads!  

Reply if you need help here...  

We will help you come to an understanding about where you are and what you can do about coming to Trust God!


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