Failure. But 07/01/2011 starting again. by #134826 .....

i have a security guard this time!!

Date:   1/6/2011 8:12:08 AM ( 12 y ago)

I suck. DAMMIT! i cant stay on a damn fast!!! ARRR.
so i decided to tell someone. and stick by her side for the first three (hardest) days. and hopefully go on by myself from there.

I failed at night. just light sacrista. (shes my buddy ;) )
it sucks. my family decided that they needed to "celebrate" and we went out for dinner. Temptation. arr. but im not giving up. im starting again tomorow. i think that if i have someone with me, not letting me eat i can get past the first through days, i can make it till the end of january.

Wish me luck. ill be writing again at 12:00am ;) : day 1.

DONT give up


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