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Dyad communication as a most viable tool for enlightenment; the "Enlightenment Manual" online and new developments!

Date:   1/8/2011 4:19:34 AM ( 10 y ago)

April 19, 2020 - More Direct Than Enlightenment Intensive Dyads? -

In case you have't been reminded about this truth over the last couple months - Everything Changes! The good news is that the changes are for us, for our continual growth as spiritual beings (regardless of any religious/non-religious or related affiliations). Change is the constant that we are riding. How is your "passenger consciousness" these days? .........

Yet - this Blog-writer never imagined that the way to "enlightenment" through the quintessential dyads that form the foundation for the Enlightenment Intensives could be improved upon with a more direct approach, until today! This writer gives full credit to Richard Rudd who has recently presented excerpts from his book: The Art of Contemplation[12] the gems of which this writer has adopted in his own contemplation practice. Now the Really Good News is that these gems work like magic! This writer now includes three very simple steps at the start of each of his contemplations (no matter how much time he may have or want to take for the contemplation) and by the time he is taking the third step he's got the glorious "union" with the object of his contemplation to the degree as he has experienced after three pretty intense days in an "Enlightenment Intensive"!!!

February 2, 2020 - "The Logical Song" -

Intended to post the following comment at Roger's webpage[11] however that required signing into Facebook and I don't do Facebook.

Thank you Roger! I still get energetic chills when I replay this song in the "studio of my mind"! You most definitely "nailed" this back when and the amazing thing about this song is it's just as true (if not more so) today! This just might be the quintessential existential song!

July 7, 2019 -

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”[10]


In his first three-day Enlightenment Intensive that this blog-writer participated in his contemplations unearthed extensive darkness from the unconscious region of his psyche. It needs to be noted that this darkness had surfaced well after he had lived a full seven-year life-cycle that began with his consecration to "Christ and The Church." The "lion's share" of the content of the "darkness" included unconscious / internalized conflicts regarding the teachings of The Church! The understanding that was gained as how it was possible to go through a seven-year life-cycle (a long enough time period which could have allowed for a compete transformation) and then discover a reservoir of intense darkness could easily fill a book devoted just to this particular subject matter. In any case - most crucial lessons were learned! The first major lesson for this writer (as a former follower/believer/"slave" of a migrated mission that has been determined by cult investigative authorities) that was painfully learned after five years was to no longer give his power away to others.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung[10]

January 8, 2011 -

"There is a lot of confusion about what Help really is. The problem is when 'Help' is given to avoid communication. In other words, I give you help, as I define it, rather than as you define it. People get into trouble giving help, since often times the person does not ask for it, and does not want it, and after receiving it is worse off. Real help occurs when both parties understand one another, and then engage in some action that benefits the person asking for help."[1]

I was first introduced to Dyad communications in 1980 at my first enlightenment intensive. After I returned to San Diego I soon became friends with a man who was in the original school ("Institute of Ability") with its founder: Charles Brenner and consequently I began incorporating Dyads into my life and relationships.

From 2009 to 2013 I had been most blessed to have a friend take up a similar passion as me for Dyads (and the many benefits they offer including "mind clearing", insights, etc. received directly from our weekly Dyad sessions). I am looking forward to co-creating with others additional opportunities to share the joy for Dyads!

August 28, 2018 - Brief History of the Enlightenment Intensive -

The Enlightenment Intensive was developed by Charles Berner in California in the late 1960s. He was working with groups of people and created a process where 2 people could talk and listen to each other for the purposes of understanding and clearing out personal issues. He called this 2 person communication process the dyad.

He noticed that the people who were getting the most benefit out of dyads were people who knew who they were, and the people who struggled or made little progress didn’t know who they were. (This is true for all forms of therapy, as it turns out.)

He then thought about using the question, “Who am I?” which is thousands of years old, in a dyad.

The last part of the puzzle came from his studies of Zen Buddhism – specifically the Rinzai Zen tradition of using an intense period of time meditating on a koan, or riddle, to break through the mind and into Enlightenment.

He combined the dyad, the instruction and the meditation-style retreat to create the very first Enlightenment Intensive.

Although he expected that it would take many Intensives for people to start having breakthroughs, people were having Enlightenment experiences on the very first weekend. The Enlightenment Intensive was born![9]

Nov. 2011 update -

This past Tuesday I finished another exceptionally good dyad session with my partner who tonight called it a "Dyad Baptism"!

I consider my dyad partner to be a real master of the dyads now! I am proud of the development over the past two full years that we have been working together! (One of the best things that I have shared in the last two years.)

The Direct Truth

"Once you get to the direct experience, the direct truth, there is no further value from indirect truth. Your truth will allow you to listen without confusion to others and learn their truth. Unlike indirect knowledge which prevents you from listening to others, direct knowledge allows you to really listen to others. Maybe this is the first time you are free to really listen. When you are aligned with the truth, your motives are clear to others. You are not lying to yourself and contaminating others with indirect motives."[2]

Also at the same site: Communication: What is it?

"One way to look at communication is to identify it as a cycle having 12 parts:"[3]

"The most powerful means to dissolve the mind is through communication." [Continuing - page 14]

I find this very encouraging! Imagine sparing yourself of all the suffering from the problems that the mind creates! If you took full stock of what all those problems consist of do you think that investing three days into a most sure approach to dissolving those creations could be worth your consideration?

"The Enlightenment Technique adds communication to contemplation. The communication does not begin with the contemplation; it begins with an instruction from one individual to another.

Berner had first thought that it might be possible to just have both people sit there contemplating and when one came up with something he would say, ‘Hey, this is what I came up with.’ But that does not follow a good communication cycle because it interrupts the other person’s contemplation too irregularly. It is too informal. So we have the communication formally begin with one individual giving an instruction to another. This adds the power and the consciousness and the life of another being to the efforts of the contemplating partner.

When one says, ‘Tell me who you are,’ if the other accepts that instruction as an order from his partner then the two have come together and are joining forces against the receiver’s mind with its confusions, reluctances, identifications, unconsciousness, and investments. ..."[4]


June 26th, 2014 - Note to myself, This point of accepting "the instruction as an order" is one that I wish to elaborate on, plus (7/6/15) in depth through review the whole dyad technique.


The Origination of The Enlightenment Intensive -

"... When Charles Berner sat down in 1968 to muse on how to help his students make progress with their co-evolution, little did he expect to discover a process that would accelerate an individual’s ability to discover the truth of who they are, to experience enlightenment – not in decades, but in days:

'In 1968, I had four or five hours one afternoon with nothing to do. I was in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California, staring at the trees in a nice quiet area. I had been pondering a problem related to my teaching experience. I had noticed people who didn't know who they were had a hard time making progress and people who made rapid progress knew who they were. I was just musing, How is it that we could help people to accelerate this process of self discovery?'

What would happen if he combined the ages-old Zen koan 'Who am I' with the paired communication work his wife Ava had been working on and structured it in the format of a Zen session or retreat? He set about putting together the first of many what would be called 'Enlightenment Intensives'. The results of his first intensive were surprising and unexpected:

'I had expected it would take five, ten Enlightenment Intensives for some enlightenments to start showing up. But to my amazement, people were having these experiences and it blew me out as much as it did them. In fact, about forty percent[5] of the people who attended had a direct experience by the end of the intensive.'

Since that time, thousands of people around the world have been able to discover the truth of who they really are by attending an Enlightenment Intensive."[6]


June 26th, 2014 -

Imagine that! Charles was "just musing"! Well, that is quintessence of contemplation!


Being addressed as "you" can sometimes evoke an emotional reaction.[7]

This is priceless information and I'll tell you why!

Firstly it can be most valuable to know and apply this knowledge in any and all conflicts "with others". I put "with others" in parentheses because we now know that all conflicts are actually internal and originate within the individual (who is in conflict between his true nature and some kind of internalized conditioning). If that internal conflict is not owned and taken full responsibility for by the individual (who is in conflict within their self) that disowned conflict is vulnerable to being projected out onto "the other". Even if an individual does not realize or even believe this to be true they can still gain self-empowerment by being more mindful in their communication with others whenever they experience a conflict that they think others are the cause of.

To (potentially) confront another with a "You ...!" can be perceived as "threatening" by people (especially if the individual who hears this is not committed to "The Four Agreements": including - "Don't Take Anything Others Say Personally")!

Alternatively - the "compassionate" form of communication regarding any conflict is to just use "I" statements: "I feel ... when I see ...."; "I need ....". All of the experiential accounts that can be presented under these "I statements" deserve to be acknowledged and communicated in the direction of truth with love (at least self-love) and in the right time. When all of those communications are completely communicated and when all the understanding that one may need another to have on all of that has been achieved then that's when the individual may find they can be the most successful in making a most doable request.: "Would you be willing to ...". Now this is a different use of "you" that is beyond the (potential) "accusatory" and therefore the very least likely to attract a reaction within the receiver of that kind of communication.

July 6, 2015 -

"Day Sessions"

Got inspired today (and made special note) on the idea of forming a group to have dyad "day sessions". Mentioned this to a friend this evening who has already been to a full three-day Enlightenment Intensive (EI) plus (apparently) had attended a number of dyad home group meetings that practiced "relating exercises". I mentioned that there had been a dyad group meeting here in town. My inspiration is to start with a sitting contemplation then have an initial couple rounds of dyads followed by a walking contemplation and ending with a final dyad session. The flow of this with both silent contemplation and movement included feels especially well rounded to me!

I'm also thinking of another friend who had expressed interest in attending a three-day EI when I shared information about that. I gave some thought to having a thee 3-day event however the idea did not fully develop at that time. Now the cycles have progressed and I'm feeling more clarity, certainty, etc. and I can much more readily envision having these day sessions!

I also wondered about food and I am not completely ruling it out however I think to start with at least there would not yet be food involved other than having plenty of great tasting natural spring water and possibly tea! Maybe shared food would organically evolve on its own depending on when we meet.


The following is a basic form of a dyad communication.

Mutually decide and agree upon the time that you and your dyad partner want for your dyad session.

Decide who will be given their dyad instruction "first".

The other partner becomes the listener and gives the "first" partner their instruction.

If you are having the dyad cycles timed then set a five-minute count down and start the first round.

The "first" partner intends to know the truth of their instruction and opens to whatever occurs as a result of that intention.

The "first" partner communicates what occurred as a result of this contemplation.

The listening partner witnesses, attentively listens, and does their best to fully understand the communication without any commenting or evaluating either verbally or mentally.

When the "first" partner indicates that their communication is complete the listening partner says "Thank you".

The roles are reversed with a new 5 minute count-down.

September 22nd -

"To enter Gaia's correction is the genuine global liberation of Kali Yuga. Engagement in her Dreaming happens one person at a time across the planet, but can be optimized by the Tantric buddy system, working in pairs."[8]


Footnotes -




[4] Page 15 on the following PDF:

[5] The actual enlightenment process itself is going to be unique for each individual and yet it is not a guaranteed experience for every individual. I'd like to do a study on why there is an apparent percentage of people who do not get "enlightened" to know the truth of "who" they are during an Enlightenment Intensive. To do that study I would look at the Human Design Body graphs of each individual participant in an intensive. Of the nine Human Design Centers that are depicted in a body graph the one I'd be looking at is "the Self Center" to see whether or not it is Defined. If Defined that indicates that the individual has consistent reliable awareness of who they are as a unique individual. If the center is Undefined then that individual's sense of self is subject to who they are with. More about this can be found online.






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