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People can be as happy as they want to be! Those who go around just kicking cans only get a sore toe!

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 Where is happiness? 

 Many people to day are very unhappy, you may even be one or at least know some who practice this method of life!  This is one of the most difficult things for many people to understand; which is that happiness is actually a state of mind! 

** I.E. you can or will be as happy as you allow yourself to be!

I was not a really happy child,and like most teenagers I took pleasure in my sorry state of anguish, or so I thought!   But then one day the words of my dear old Grandmother came back loud and clear;  "Quite feeling sorry for yourself!  It will not help and only cause you to be miserable!"    It occurred to me that I had been taking the easy road...   Anyone could be unhappy it takes no courage or effort; which is where you find many of the people in the world today! Many just like to wallow in unhappiness; so sad, but true!  

Learning to be happy is a struggle of true achievement...  The notion that we have to work at happiness comes as news to many people!  Many assume it is a feeling that only comes on when good things happen to us, things over which we have little or no control  But the opposite is true happiness is mainly under our control!   To achieve a truly happy life it's necessary to overcome your stumbling blocks...  Some example below:

 1) People get into the rut of going around feeling sorry for themselves...  This makes them think that they have some control in getting others to have sympathy for them!  Wrong thinking, this generally may work once in a while  but if you come around with a sob story all the time,  soon they will not want to see you coming!

  2) Seeking an air of pity, very similar to feeling sorry, gives the false illusion that everyone owes you something because of your misfortunes or problems!  This has become a general tendency for many of the poorer class of people in especially the Western World, today!  There are now many generations that have grown up in a welfare state, generation after generation!  Sad to waste the time and talents of God given intelligence! 

 3) Having a air of defeatism, many people live with a feeling that all life has to offer is doom and gloom!  Once more here we have some what the same scenario as above!  People tend to want to make themselves feel more important!  So they will turn to acts desperation, such as terrorist attacks or jihad...    Why not just get yourself to the point where you come to grips with real life and not have to blame or complain!  

**  Here is some inspiration for those who care enough to change their life for a better and more happy life! When is a person happy:


 "When he can look out upon the universe, now lucid and lovely, now dark and terrible, with a sense of his own littleness in the great scheme of things, and yet have faith and courage.  When he knows how to make friends and keep them and above all, when he can keep friends with himself.


When he can be happy alone and high-minded amid the drudgeries of life.      When he can look into a wayside puddle and see something besides mud,  and into the face of the the most forlorn mortal and see something divine.


 When he knows how to live, how to love, how to hope, how to pray - is glad to live... and has in his heart a bit of a song."  

Joseph Fort Newton 

  " A person can not ever be truly happy within just them self;

  rather it is when they learn that happiness is found in service to others! "   a True-ism  








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