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day 4 and a little about day 3

Date:   2/27/2011 3:18:51 AM ( 12 y ago)

Its 4pm and i havnt eaten today, the pains are gone!!!! its so great!. i have to tell you the truth though, dont judge, but i did eat a little last night, about 500 calories. but i threw it all up. I was so scared that i would gain when i weighed myself this morning. I DIDINT! woo i lost another 1.7pounds. Which kept me going, because i know that if i had gained i wouldve given up. :)

Ill give you a little tip that has helped me. coke and sprite zero. I know i know, they have like o.6 calories per full glass. but it gives me a little taste and i like that i dont feel like i am missing out as much.

i have gone from 204 pounds to 198pounds in 4 days! its great. and i havnt been the best faster, a little calories here and there. now that i dont have those pains i think i can do it with only water and coke zero+sprite zero.

Last night was SOOO HARD i went to a birthday party at a fancy restorount. and they had a fancy 3 course meal. i didnt eat a thing, i kinda "shared it" lol. and had the excuse that i was going out later. it worked! no one was suspicious. i dont think anyways. lol


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