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Thought/s For The Day - "Living in The Bliss Zone" By: Terry Cole-Whittaker

Date:   3/24/2011 12:14:14 AM ( 10 y ago)

October 5, 2019 -

"Only fusion, union and ecstasy[3] allow humans to know God.[2] The hexagram can be used as a symbol to clarify the process by which a human being melts into the Divine. This geometrical figure, which spiritual science calls Solomon's Seal, is made of two intertwined equilateral triangles: one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards. These two triangles represent the two universal processes of evolution and involution: the evolution of matter reaching towards the spirit (the triangle pointing upwards) and the involution of the spirit descending towards matter to vivify it (the triangle pointing down). These two figures teach us how we can elevate ourselves up to the Divine to melt into it, and as we rise, an inverse movement occurs – the Divine descends to live and manifest itself in us."[5]


This "Thought for the Day" (which was just released moments ago) is today's crown jewel to this writer's thoughts of a couple hours ago when he noted: Seed, Crystal, Spark, Spirit as follows (with minor edits in the present moment ; ~ ):
Enter the Seed and let the Seed sprout in you. .........
Enter the Crystal and let the Crystal reveal its consciousness in you. .........
Enter the Spark, and let the Spark, ignite you. .........
Enter the Spirit and let the Spirit penetrate, permeate and fill the interspaces of your whole entire being including your mind with its Light because its Light is now what your mind is!

March 24, 2011 -

"Thoughts and words move from consciousness and through the various dimensions of material energy by first taking form as geometric shapes, invisible to the human eye, geometric shapes called sacred geometry."[1]


[2] Elsewhere in this "Son of Truth" blog is a brief mention in reference to this under the title of "Lord of The Dance."

[3] According to the "Gene Keys"[4] Ecstasy is the 46th Siddhi (which this Truth seeker has activated in his Hologenetic Profile

[4] The Book

[5] https://www.prosveta-usa.com/hexagram-the-symbol-of-the-fusion-of-humans-with-god_2019-10-05


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