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Date:   4/21/2011 4:39:12 PM ( 10 y ago)

April 10, 2011

I am feeling pretty good, other then a slight headache, but I wonder if it is because of the change of the weather. I didn't get out of bed until about 10:15, as it is one hour before church. I was feeling really good about attending church this week. As well as it was predicted that it would get up to 85 degrees today.

I had things planned on my calendar already, but at the last minute (before church) I decided that I would go to the park and read. I was such a beautiful day, I went back into the house and found my water colors, so that I could possibly paint a bit, but I couldn't find my drawing notebook. Oh well. My plans for the day were: Church (11:15-12:15), Park (12:30-1:45) Movie (2:00-3:30), Visit Christy (5:00 -9:00), Call Dad (7:00-7:30), Pick up house (9:30-10:00) and Read Bible (11:00-11:30)

So, my looking around my home for watercolors, (which I did find) and my notebook (which I didn't find) caused me to be a little bit late for church,. I got in my car, I didn't see my Bible and I had to go back into my house a second time to get it. LOL. I only missed the beginning music, which consists of three songs before the actual service starts.

The service was okay. It was about confession and Scripture coming from James 5. It talked about open-ness with another Christian and developing a relationship with someone else by following James 5. Part of me wondered what life might have been like with the guy, if we could have done that. I realized that he was just so against “organized” religion, what he didn't see where it was leading him. I have to say that in the year and a half that he lived with me, I can say that I never saw him act like a Christian that he said he was. Sigh, I realize a lot of his life with me was just all talk, and smoke and mirrors. It is so sad, that now I can see how really ugly his life is, regardless how nice his clothing is or how much control he seems to have over this life. Part of me wants to say “good riddance”, but I realize how terrible and trapped he is, that I still pray for him and his son. I wonder if I will ever overcome the feelings I had with him, because he seems to haunt me, like a waking nightmare at times. It isn't consuming for me, but at times, it makes me feel really sad, if my mind comes across it.

After church, I went to Lincoln Park to enjoy the gorgeous weather. I would have loved to have packed a little picnic lunch, if I wasn't on a water fast. I didn't really miss that I wasn't eating, but I know that in the future, I will enjoy doing something like a picnic. So it was just me, my 32 ounces of water bottle and my book. I found a nice picnic table that was in the sun, and enjoyed the weather. I read for a bit off and on, while I watched some birds, other people enjoying the weather. I even watched a couple of young girls coming running down a huge hill, laughing and shouting as they went. Part of me desired to have a family like that, so that my little outings like this would not be entirely mine. I wondered if I would ever have children of my own. Quickly, I focused on my book for a while, as I didn't want to dwell on the desires of my heart, which always seemed to be heavy in that regard. I watched some birds that were high in the sky, soaring the the thermals. They seemed huge, and I was wondering what type of bird they might be. There were four of them, and I was wondering if they were turkey buzzards as they didn't seem to be hawks. I enjoyed watching them until they winged out of sight behind some trees. I also watched some children riding their bikes, with a parent, and my mind went toward my heart's desire. I was able to keep focused on my book until my phone buzzed, letting me know that my movie was going to be starting in 15 minutes.

I decided to go see “Mars needs Moms” at the Palace Theater, since I didn't go yesterday. I didn't want to pay for three other people, as well as I was still busy visiting Christy, that I didn't want to leave to go see a movie at 7:30 p.m. I bought a water, as it wasn't allowed to bring in your own drinks. I kind of hated it, as the water was cold, and I had to wait a long while for it to warm back up. The popcorn smelled delicious! The movie was good, but probably not something I should have been watching with my state of mind regarding my heart's desire. Well, it was a good movie, but it did tug a lot of heart strings. I am still glad that I watched it.

Afterward, walked outside was a shocked to the eyes! It was so bright out! I then decided to stop at Christy's to see if she was home. I had it scheduled to go see her at 5:00 p.m. because she sometimes goes to her daughter's father's house to do laundry. She didn't, because she was a home. I asked her where Jesse was and why were they outside. She told me that he was down stairs playing video games with a nieghbor kid, and she was having an intestinal upset, so going outside or to the park was out of the question. So I hung out with her for a long while. I took her to the grocery store, which was very enticing for me, as foods smelled so good! She made dinner, which she even made frozen corn and peas, mostly for me. I felt really horrible because I didn't eat. I told her that might eat some later, I really wasn't hungry at the moment. She didn't pressure or push me to eat something.

Around 7:00 p.m., I called my Dad, but I had to leave a message. I was really looking forward to calling him and talking to him, so I was a little disappointed I didn't reach them. I knew that he would call me back, if he wasn't too busy. I just went on enjoying a movie and talking to Christy about things. It was about 9:00 when I got the call back. I was surprised that it was much later then I expected, but I was happy nevertheless. Of course, I answered the phone “Hi Dad” to find out that it was my stepmother. When I realized it was her, and then asked her if Dad was okay. She then told me that he was back in the hospital again, due to breathing problems. I guess he had developed a sinus infection that was giving him an issue, so they admitted him to be on the safe side. She told me that he was admitted on Friday, but he told my stepmother not to call me and tell me since I would be calling on Sunday. I guess he didn't want me to worry or something. I told her that I would have liked to know (since I am sure she called my sisters and brother to let them know -even thought one of them lives in Florida) regardless. She told me that he is doing well, and responding well to the antibiotics they were giving him. She then told me that she was going to be talking to the hospital administrator, due to some issues regarding my father. I guess my father is allergic to some medication, which my stepmother has typed up and printed out for the ER doctors anytime that my Dad goes, so they are aware of the medications he is on and taking (all the dosages and stuff) as well as all the medication he is a allergic too. Well it seems, that they tried to give him some medication that he was allergic to, even they had the list, but my step mother stopped them from giving it to him. And then when she wasn't there, they gave him a generic version of one of the medications he was allergic, which gave him a tight chest and more problems breathing. I told my stepmother if anything happens to my Dad due to the hospitals neglectful conduct, I will sue them, even if I have to work 5 jobs to finance it. She wasn't happy with the hospital as much as I was. I hope that it doesn't happen again. I told her to tell him when she saw him in the morning that I love him so very much and I hope he gets better so I can talk to him. She told me that she was going in around 4:30 a.m. before they could administer the medication to make sure that it didn't happen again when she isn't there.

After I got off the phone with my stepmother, Christy and I talked about my Dad and various issues. We mostly talked about getting older and having to take per-caution to our own health. Christy talked about wanting to take some counseling, once she gets back to work, as well as she will have to do something about the issue regarding her right foot. She says that it feels that she has something broken in the arch of her foot. I told her I wouldn't know if it is broken or not, but if she has a high arch, she needs to support it. She said that arch supports don't work for her. I asked her then that the last time she changed the supports. She told me “over a year”. I told her that probably was some of the problem, since arch supports wear down, unless they are those hard molded ones. The ones you buy at the store only last about 6 months if you are lucky. I know, because I always wear them in my shoes, because I have very high arches and if I don't wear them, my feet hurt.

When I got home it was after Midnight, and I did a 10 minute pick up around the house, before I took a shower, and got myself ready for work in the morning. Mekong of course, was crying up a storm, until I picked her up and held her for a while. That always pacifies her.

It was so very nice to lay down, as my lower back was hurting me a bit. It is close to my monthly cycle, so I am wondering if the back ache was due to detoxing or it was due to my monthly cycle. Hmmmm.

EXERICISE: walked 1.78 Miles,

WATER INTAKE: 33 ounces of water

WEIGHT: 115 pounds


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