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The first of three articles on a 22-page criminal complaint filed last week with the FBI by scanner-expert Doug Vogt presenting 'irrefutable proof' that Obama birth document is a fraud + the federal supreme court has been taking notice of the many complaints in the administration.

Date:   6/1/2011 2:58:40 AM ( 10 y ago)

Update April 24, 2012:
"In the most bizarre turn of events yet – ... – Alexandra Hill, an attorney representing Barack Hussein Obama, has argued in a New Jersey court to prevent the long-form birth certificate image that was released by the White House nearly a year ago from being placed into evidence.

Hill made the shocking admission IN COURT that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery. But she didn’t stop there. Oh no, she went on to make the absurd claim that the birth certificate is irrelevant to Obama’s eligibility according to New Jersey law and therefore cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship!":

"Nixon and the Watergate conspirators look like choirboys compared to the jokers that populate this Administration."

This update trumps the original post(that follows with "Vogt's verdict")!

"... sources state that the Roberts court has quietly accepted information concerning discrepancies in Obama’s history that raise serious questions about his eligibility for the office of President.

The charge goes far beyond the birth certificate issue. This information involves possible fraudulent use of a Social Security number in Connecticut, while Obama was a high school student in Hawaii.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg."

Vogt's verdict

"Vogt concludes that the Obama birth certificate document released by the White House on April 27 is an 'outrageous and obvious' fraud."

Read more: Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record 'forged' http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=305705#ixzz1O0ZN8aOf


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