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Researching the claim that the FDA comes under the Pentagon rather than the "Department of Agriculture".

Date:   6/19/2011 8:35:15 PM ( 10 y ago)

July 23, 2020 - FDA Budget -

User Fee: Prescription drug.

Initial Authorizing Legislation and Year: Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA; P.L. 102-300), 1992.

Most Recent Reauthorization and Year, and Length of Current Authorization: Food and Drug Administration Reauthorization Act
(FDARA; P.L. 115-52), 2017 - FY2018-FY2022.

FY2020 Anticipated Collections (in millions of dollars):
1,075 = $1,075,000,000.00 = One billion, seventy-five million FRNs.[1]

June 19, 2011 -

Just emailed the American Public Health Association. This is what I wrote:


Your paper appears to be a leading source of news regarding public health for the nation. The February issue features a cover story regarding the FDA. A most recent radio program mentioned a direct relationship between the FDA and the Pentagon. What exactly is that relationship?"

The radio program I refer to is the most recent broadcast of the "Food Rights Hour" that was aired yesterday. The host said the "FDA is under the Pentagon". He said they had looked into this. I called the show, first verifying that the FDA is not under the department of Agriculture and then requesting the source of the information about it's relationship with the Pentagon. I could hardly wait and so I began researching this late last night. Then today I received an unexpected gift of the February issue of "The Nation's Health" published by the American Public Health Association. That inspired me to contact APHS and ask about the relationship between FDA and the Pentagon.

Comment - July 23, 2020 - According to Mark McAfee the FDA is a military dictatorship.[2]


[1] "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Budget: Fact Sheet" -
(p. 11) Appendix A. FDA User Fee Authorizations and Anticipated Collections -
Table A-1. FDA User Fee Authorizations and Anticipated Collections
By: Congressional Research Service

[2] https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=1626028


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