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A paper by Peter E. Hendrickson "to introduce you to a scary world of government corruption, a crisis looming on the horizon and approaching fast, and the moral challenge of being honest with oneself and rising to the demands of our times."

Date:   8/6/2011 5:34:49 PM ( 10 y ago)

"For the ninth year in a row, the accuracy of the liberating, people-empowering, Leviathan-restraining revelations about the real character of the income tax in 'Cracking the Code - The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' (CtC) is being demonstrated in the most practical manner possible. Complete refund checks, closing notices, lien and levy releases and other concrete acknowledgements of that accuracy by federal and state tax agencies are flooding mailboxes across America, just as in all the previous years since the book was first published.

In light of these long years of unambiguous admissions by government agencies, now churning out in their tens of thousands, it shouldn't be necessary for me to write the commentary that follows. But sadly, even while reluctantly complying with the law when demanded by upstanding, well-educated readers of CtC, the same agencies harbor nests of specialists whose job is to do what they can to slow or even stop the spread of the liberating truth about the tax.

Like sweaty, bile-fueled little trolls lurking under cognitive cross-overs, these operatives crank out blog and news-group posts, and even entire websites, focused on undermining the CtC-educated community and stunting its growth. All of these feverish efforts are richly salted with frustration and hate against good Americans who have now read the law for themselves, found that it doesn't say what the hired help has been telling everyone it means since before any of us was born, and have stood up and stepped off the 'Kool-Aid Express To Ruin and Despotism' on which ignorance about the law will guarantee you a seat. All of these efforts rely on lies and logical fallacies to discourage the liberated and frighten them back on the bus, and to keep others from learning the truth in the first place.

Happily, upon competent examination every mendacity cranked-out by troll-kind simply underscores the accuracy of CtC and the desperation of its enemies. So, while having to discuss this stuff is a chore, it is a fruitful one from which we can all take intellectual and spiritual nourishment. We can also enjoy a little welcome entertainment watching the slinky trolls take their richly-deserved tumbles.


A Critical Look at Selected Trolleries

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P. S. A Road Map to Winning the War of Truth v. Lies

It's this simple: When the New York Times or the Washington Post or USA Today or your hometown daily publishes or discusses or acknowledges what you read in this pamphlet (and especially what you read in the chapter 'Why All The Troll-Work Is Futile'), the truth will win. That will happen shortly after Lew Rockwell, Alex Jones, Justin Raimondo, Glenn Greenwald, Paul Craig Roberts, Jacob Hornberger, Ron Paul and other big voices on the side of liberty and the law publish, discuss and acknowledge this material.

Those good folks will only publish, discuss and acknowledge this material once enough of YOU good folks forward it to them, and insist that they read it carefully and react to it seriously and thoughtfully (rather than just skimming it quickly and adopting a dismissive, 'What I THINK this says can't possibly be true...' attitude, which will be their reflexive inclination).

A CAREFUL reading of this material, and SERIOUS and THOUGHTFUL reaction to it by these folks will have the good effect desired because what they will read is, of course, completely and demonstrably true, even though it will turn much of what they have each long believed completely on its head. A thoughtful and honest reaction will necessarily be that of acknowledgement, astonishment, excitement, agitation and the moving of this liberating information onto the national stage and into the national consciousness.

Once on the national stage, the truth will be assaulted, smeared, laughed at, growled at, declared irrelevant, evaded and misrepresented, until ultimately it is universally acknowledged and accepted. Because again, it's nothing but the truth. Then the war will be over, and the good guys will have won.

So, each of you please do your best to see to it that Lew, and Ron, and Glenn, and Justin, and Paul Craig, and Will, and William, and Thomas E., and Thomas Di, and Karen K., and all the other good folks with big voices who are doing THEIR very best to uphold the law read this pamphlet and learn this liberating, law-sustaining, Leviathan-restraining truth.

Don't leave it to others to do, because if there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that those 'others' are leaving it to you.

It's on you, and you can do it. And not long after you have, we'll all celebrate V-IT Day ('Victory over the Ignorance Tax Day') together.

If you are serious about the restoration of liberty and the rule of law in our lifetime, please forward this email to everyone you know!"
Peter E. Hendrickson


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