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About to start a juice fast!

Date:   10/10/2011 10:56:34 PM ( 10 y ago)

Okey-dokey, so here I go... about to start a 40 day juice fast and my first ever blog :) I will be starting the fast on Thursday, October 13 and will be fasting, drinking only water, tea and juice until November 22- so, all you math whizzes, not quite 40 days but pretty close. I hope to find some supportive folks who will follow along with me throughout this entire fast- I plan to write every day to fill you in on my progress and how I am feeling. I am doing the fast for a few reasons:
1. weight loss (I am too scared to even step on the scales to give you a starting weight but its somewhere around 165-170...) I hope to eventually be down in the 130s. I know this wont happen on the fast BUT I'm hoping that I can at least face the scales by the end of the fast.
2. HEALTH- I will spare you all the boring, strange details but I have WEIRD health issues that mimic a lot of the autoimmune type diseases and NO ONE can figure it out. I've been reading a lot about how juice fasts can help with this so this is kind of an experiment, and we shall see how it goes.
3. Confidence and sense of well-being: I know that I will be more confident if I look better (and in my opinion I look MUCH better at a lower weight (plus I can fit into my old clothes again- BONUS)). Hopefully, being happier with my appearance and feeling less anxious about my health will lead to a better ME overall :)

Okay, so I'm super excited for this to start- let me know what you think and if you want to come along and do it with me (we can swap stories and support)

woohoo! Excited for Thursday- talk to you lovely readers soon


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