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errghh, frustration with sizing, inches, etc.

Date:   10/23/2011 2:15:28 PM ( 10 y ago)

So I've been really bad about posting and when I do, I feel like it is rather useless. The one thing I can say is that if you are looking on here to determine if you want to/ "can" do a juice fast- you totally can. I don't ever think about eating anymore, I feel great, I just wish the weight would be coming off faster... :( errrghh
I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm not going to weigh myself until my waist is 28 inches, which I still plan on. At a 28 inch waist before I was really happy and fit comfortably into size 6 jeans. BUT I've been bumping around online and have found that a 28 inch waist is more like a size 10 or 12?! I'm so confused because people keep saying that this is still vanity sizing because it should be an even higher size! I'm confused though because a couple of years ago I was down to a 27 inch waist (what these people are saying should be a size 8-10) and I was realllyyy underweight?! How can you be a "gross fat" size 10 and be underweight!? I seem to be the only one out there that thinks the sizes are more accurate in stores (27=size 4 usually). I just found a great website too that calculates your "health" based on a waist to height ratio. This is more accurate than the BMI and is what more doctors are using to assess health risks. So, I put in my height and 27 inch waist just to see and it said "take care" as in you may be getting too thin?! How can this be when all those people online and everywhere are saying that a 27 inch waist is fat and should be a size large instead of small? It really messes with the mind, so I think I will stick to my original plan, see how I feel, check out my weight and rely on how the pants actually fit instead of how these people are saying they should...
Still not at a 28 inch waist, so still don't have that update for you (i'm about a 29ish). Have a great day all :)


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