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Date:   10/23/2011 11:33:21 PM ( 10 y ago)

Okay, so I definitely want to do a 40 day fast like I planned, especially since it's day 12 and I feel GREAT! I know that I could go for 40 days at least but I'm starting to get concerned about Thanksgiving...I will have to go home and will not be able to fast- my family would freak out. That being said, I'm wondering if I should break the fast sooner so I can do it right, gradually building up with smoothies and raw food before I have to eat some of the traditional Thanksgiving fare. Or, is it better to just try to break it as best I can while home? I'm honestly just looking for your opinions. I also read somewhere that you are supposed to fast one day for every year of life, which for me is 21...should I only juice fast for 21 days then s l o w l y break the fast for the next 20 by, say, substituting one juice for one smoothie and so on? What do you all think?
Thanks lovelies


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